Monday, January 21, 2008

Care for Hollywood Event

Please join us in praying for a quick resolution to the Hollywood Writers Strike. We gave up waiting for the official Church in Los Angeles to respond to the situation. So......

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 17, 2008 – Hollywood

On Thursday, January 24th, an inter-denominational coalition of Hollywood writers, actors, producers, and other industry professionals will hold the first of a series of weekly evenings dedicated to pray for an end to the strike, and offer practical support and counseling to those who are experiencing severe burdens due to the work-stoppage.

The coalition, which began with a conversation between a Catholic writer, a Presbyterian agent and an Evangelical television producer, now includes professionals of many denominations, as well as Christian pastors and ministry leaders. The evenings will be open to anyone regardless of their spiritual tradition and will be a conduit for people to receive prayer, fellowship, comfort and support.

Producer Karen Covell, National Director of the Hollywood Prayer Ministry adds, “As people of faith, we needed to do something to respond to the terrible hardship that the strike is causing in the lives of so many people. We want to create an opportunity for people of any stripe to come in and find people who care about them so they know they aren’t alone.”

On Thursday, February 7th, the evening will have a more penitential focus in keeping with the evening falling on the first Thursday of Lent. Notes Barbara Nicolosi, a writer and one of the coalition partners, “Our industry is paralyzed right now by scape-goating, anger and anxiety. If we humble ourselves, and repent of the greed and fear in our own lives, maybe God will intervene and relieve the hardness of hearts in the broader industry that is keeping this strike going.”

The evenings will be held every Thursday until the strike ends, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in the Mears Center, at the First Presbyterian Church, 1760 N Gower Ave. in Hollywood. For more information, call the Hollywood Prayer Network at 323.462-8486 x 117 or

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