Thursday, April 20, 2006

My DVC rant

Needless to say, I am getting lots of calls to do interviews about The Da Vinci Code. I duck as many of them as I can, so glad am I for the existence in the universe of Mark Shea and Amy Welborn!

Basically, I hate talking about The Da Vinci Code because I have a personal relationship with Jesus. I have met Him and He isn't a proto-feminist goddess-cultic with a weak personality that could have been simply co-opted by power-hungry misogynists. I love Jesus. It makes me physically sick to entertain discussion about the ways in which the defining acts of His life - His Passion, Resurrection and establishment of the Church - could be a diabolical scam that He never anticipated not experienced. It would make me sick to hear salacious lies about anyone I love, how much more my Savior?

Besides that, I don't think we should encourage people in the terrible sin against the Holy Spirit of speculating that things that are holy are evil, and that things that are evil are holy. Isn't that what is going on here? How is that not painful for anyone who knows the Lord?

I have heard several fellow Christians make the claim that DVC DVC is "a great opportunity for evangelism." 'Hmmm... Evangelism. I don't think you know what that word means.' The climate of evangelism is not consistent with a posture of defiance and cynicism. Is slander an opportunity? Is angry superiority an opportunity? DVC represents all the "opportunity" that the Roman persecutions offered the early Church. Rah.

And here's another thing that troubles me about the "opportunity for dialogue" stance. The debate is all on hell's terms. I am somebody who reads about exorcisms. I don't know why. I just do. And one of the first rules of exorcism is that you never answer the devil's questions. You don't debate the devil. You do not give evil the authority to question God. DVC represents a debate in which the questions start with Satan's presumptions. I find it beyond naive to convince myself that the folks who are lapping up DVC are on a "search for truth." They're not. They are on a crusade to validate their own rejection of the authority of Christ and the Church.

Here's a typical DVC inspired dialogue... See if you can find a search for truth in it.

It usually starts with something like this, "Everybody knows that the Church Fathers were liars. Can you prove the compilation of the Bible wasn't pure politics?"

And just when you start saying, "Well, I don't agree that the Church Fathers were--" the questioner moves on with eyes flashing unnaturally, "Why is the Church so afraid of women, huh? Why has it suppressed them since the beginning? Yeah? Answer THAT!"

So, you clear your throat and say, "Well, I wouldn't say that the Church is afr--"

But they've moved on again. "The fact is, there is no evidence for the Resurrection. Have you ever read the Gospel of Mary Magdalen?"

"Well, no, but--"

"See you people are all brain-washed." [exhalation of disgust] "How so many people could be so stupid is amazing to me....Where are my birth-control pills?!"

When you debate with Satan, there is no opportunity for anything but people digging their heels into the sludge of chaos and confusion.


And I also hate the idea that some of the sheep would be scandalized away from Jesus by this idiotic story. And they will.

The sheep have been systematically prepared for slaughter by forty years of post-Consiliar insanity. Ineffective and insufficient catechesis and lack-lustre preaching. Liturgical chaos. Too often, the cruel injustice of liberal, intolerant leadership which so often had the added indignity of manifest hypocrisy.

The flock has been bred as teeming little narcissist lambs who stubbornly consider themselves "special" no matter how mediocre their understanding and living out of their life of discipleship. We have a global pasture full of sheep pasturing themselves, with coats shamefully besmirched by loving their sins. They bleat defiance and pride of their filth, and insist that Jesus is indifferent to their degradation and shame. "Who knows, Jesus is probably just like us!" They don't know, and don't know that they don't know, or don't know, and don't care that they don't know.

And now The Da Vinci Code comes along to sheepish ears that are primed and ready to be told that holiness is impossible. And that is why this damn book is a success. It says to people, "If Jesus was a sham, then anything is permissible." (Ref. "You shall be like gods!")

I thought of this when I read Mark Shea's little DVC rant today. He writes,

"I think the most maddening thing about this book is the thought of somebody losing their faith over this--this!--stupid piece of dimestore erudition.

If you are going to risk your eternal soul, it should at least be over something noble and romantic and big. If you are bound to damn yourself, then at least let it be over a torrid and star-crossed love affair, or out of tragic hubris that sought know What Man Was Not Meant to Know, or over some insane and violent of country, or out of desire for titanic powers to manipulate nature or some Byronic despair over a cold world's rejection of a Great Artiste.

But to lose your soul over this cartoonish, illiterate, dishonest piece of hack drivel...

It reminds me of Screwtape's maxim: "To get the man's soul and give him nothing in return--that is what really gladdens Our Father's heart." "


I am perplexed by the Christian leaders going around saying that people are reading The Da Vinci Code in a search for truth. Good frickin' grief. Who was it that said, "They have Moses and the prophets...?" People searching for truth would not be reaching for enlightenment from a pulp-fiction rack. The other day, I heard a useful Christian idiot (to Sony Pictures, anyway) say that Christians should stop criticizing DVC as being a badly written story, because, "Let's face it, fifty million readers can't be wrong!"

Yes. They can. Let's try this, "Hey, let's face it, sixteen million readers of Hustler magazine can't be wrong!" Or hey, fifty million Germans who voted for Hitler couldn't be wrong!"

Yes, they could and they were.

As I said, I was one of the folks in the pews recently at a DVC event at a local Evangelical church. The funniest part of the night (and scariest...but if you don't laugh that only leaves screaming as an appropriate response) came after several of the Evangelical panel guys had gone through long speeches about how Christians should welcome DVC as an opportunity for dialogue. Then, they opened the floor up for questions and the first women querier did a version of, "I don't have any problem with the fact that Jesus had sex." HA!

Unbelievable! Let's all march our troops into dialogue. The fact that our troops are completely disarmed for a fight seems to be irrelevent!

Many of our Christian sheep will be ripe for slaughter from DVC. All they will have to go to battle with is the Bible. But DVC undermines Biblical authority by saying that the Bible was the product of a purely political process. This debate will shake the faith of many who are not prepared for it.


Don't go see this stupid movie. Don't pay money to have the insidious lies of the enemy introduced into your heart and mind.

Othercott DVC on May 19th. Go see Over the Hedge instead. And pray for everyone associated who is dancing with the devil through this movie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Barbara. Thank you for putting a thousand scattered thoughts into a coherent post that speaks the simple language of good and evil -- the language that even a child could understand.
So much of the "high level" intellectual debate that people pretend we need to have over the DVC is utterly irrelevant in light of your post. No need for high arguments and logic and dialogue and all the rest...Jesus Christ is real and He is risen and 2,000 years of saints have given witness to him, not Dan Brown and not the Gospel of Judas and not all the other historical hacks that have been glad to play the part of the Snake for us.
We all need such simple, strong words from time to time, lest we be tempted to debate the devil.
Again, thank you, Barbara.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Barbara!
The word "dialogue" has come to mean, as someone said, "having your mind so open that your brains fall out."

Adoro said...

In my experience, the word "dialogue", when used outside of literary discourse, is reinterpreted to mean, "trample your beliefs to the degree that you kiss my rear end until I'm satisfied by your obedience to my own personal demands".

Take, for example our local Rainbow Alliance/Rainbow Parents' demands that the Church "dialogue" about SSM and the like.

What is there to "dialogue" about? We are tired of being bullied. We are tired of DVC cooperatives complacently looking at this as an opportunity for "dialogue".

I, for one, am tired of turning around in order to allow whatever group to kick my Catholic rear end to their own satisfaction. This time, there will be no kicking for any of us. DVC is going to the curb and being dumped with the most rancid of garbage, if I have anything to say about it.

Right on, Barbara. Keep it up! I love your passion! :-)

Anonymous said...

As brandon said above me, wow. I think you have hit the nail on the head for this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Barbara, tell me how you really feel. I'll be using my stream of consciouness until it drys up.
My 15 year old son read the DVC, and we had a great discussion. Fortunately, he has a great head on his shoulders, and, more importantly, a Bible study with his friends. He knows DVC is fiction. Jesus is definitely not the cutesy, limp-wristed, pat you on the head and send you on your way person too many people, including Christians, think He is. Just ask those folks who got tossed out of the temple court. And don't forget those Pharisees he called a brood of vipers. No More Christian Nice Guy is a great book to read about this.

About the dialogue. It is a way to possibly, and I stress possibly, have a talk with someone about Jesus. The majority of people are, however, woefully unprepared to do that. Not only unprepared intellectually, but also unprepared not to be very nice about it. I don't mean "curse them out" not nice. I mean are you prepared to get in their face, and if you happen to offend them while you are intelligently and lovingly speaking with them, then so be it. "And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave, as a testimony against them." Mark 6:11

Stephen Bolin said...

Unbelievable! Let's all march our troops into dialogue. The fact that our troops are completely disarmed for a fight seems to be irrelevent!

You are right. It is very relevant that our troops are not armed. But the solution is not to give up and ignore the problem like you suggested. The solution is to arm our troops and prepare for battle.

We need to educate the disciples of Christ. And yes, we need to teach the Disciples to dialogue. Because a dialog is a two person deal. A dialog allows a Christian to get a word in edgewise. If the Christian's don't talk, I can tell you the follows of Satan will.

Rex said...

This is all well and true... but if nobody takes up the battle who will? What shall we do then? Show the world our venom against these lies? Is that anything that they haven't seen?

I'm not convinced one needs the DVC for 'dialouge', and C.S Lewis did warn against the dangers of mollycoddling those you are talking to.

But in the end what believers have to be armed for the fight and take it up where it's needed. As much as I don't think we should 'roll over' for the DVC, we cannot demand the same of those who like it.

We still need to so something. It is well and true that Jesus is real and there is no need for any intellectula debate... in fact in the light of Him we don't need anything else at all.

But what if He calls some of us to that very intellectual debate? What if some of us are the show the true nature of His love to break the lies our previous misdeeds have set up? We got to do something somehow?

Anonymous said...

I just got a real interesting thought. Instead of attacking The DaVinci Code with truth ahd facts, maybe we ought to be attacking it with fiction. A fiction that leads the reader through a maze of violence, senseless sex and intrigue to the final climax that the whole story of Jesus is actually true!!! And we could make up all kinds of fictional stuff to support it, the more outlandish the better (and we'd probably be able to make a ton of money too).

Maybe if we're really lucky, Dan Brown would sue us and the ongoing publicity would bootstrap the subsequent movie produced by Mel Gibson. What comedic actor whose acting career is in hiatus would we have to play the part of the radical Atheist protagonist who in the final scene of the movie is baptized, receives communion and is confirmed in St. Peters by the Holy Father after an hour and a quarter of being chased by Masonic assassins as he closes in on the truth even he doesn't suspect? I know. Bill Murray!

Stephen Bolin said...


That would be quite amusing, but I have the strange suspicion that that would hurt our cause more that it would help it.

Anonymous said...

Surely the authors of that book missed out on this record in the bible(I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH AND EVEN THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT OVERCOME IT).They are just seeking cheap attention and recognition from those who don't want to take on the authority of Jesus our Lord.Actually they are creating something to snatch away those that have doubt but seeking clarification in order for them to come to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, thank you for speaking so intelligently about this. I have, at least so far, stayed far away from DVC, knowing it to be a complete heap of lies. However, to me this begs the question of how to respond to a culture that's believing the lie. If I don't read the book or watch the movie, how can I possibly have any right to comment on it's validity? If challenged, all I can tell them is what I've heard. So, as Christ-followers, how do we balance not filling our heads with crap, and yet having credibility with a culture that has branded us with a propensity toward blind censure (ala Focus on the Family)?

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara!

The Da Vinci Code is FICTION! Get a life and rant about something REAL in this world.

Anonymous said...

"... one of the first rules of exorcism is that you never answer the devil's questions. You don't debate the devil. You do not give evil the authority to question God."

Thank you. That's something I needed to hear, today. :-)

Joan said...

I was in an airport recently and five to seven people in every terminal were reading it. People who read the book may not want to talk about the book or debate it...and it may not be the time or place, but they want to talk. Something about those reading the book says, "I need someone to talk to". Sometimes I think we need to look for signals of those hurting and think less about in your face discussions and evangelism. I was able to steer one reader to Frank Peretti for their next "Christian Fiction" read. Not much, but we are all links in a chain with our disposition itself affecting people's ability to relate to us. If I'd said, "by the way, that much is a real sham, you are SO wasting your time" I would have lost audience.

Not sure what you can make of this directly, but I think it does connect us with people who are most searching, thinking, willing to talk in general. Keep your radar up. Be creative. Anything Satan means for harm God can work for good.

Anonymous said...

It looks as if many people are wasting their time and money on this. The truth must come from the pulpits. We are living in grave times of doubt and confusion. This type of thing just adds to it.

Anonymous said...

I also feel sick when they are unleashing malicious lie about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is nothing but sheer blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God who had anointed Lord Jesus to carry out the redemption plan of God.

I feel this is replay of the incidents happened in the times of King Hezekiah (Isaiah 36 & 37).

1. What reason for confidence is this in which you trust ? ( Isaiah 36:4) Devil is putting the same question now before us on our faith in the Son of God.
2. Now comes your point that “You don’t debate with the devil” – As Rabshakeh hurls insults against Jehovah and Hezekiah, the people kept still and ANSWERED HIM NOT a word, for the king’s command was “DO NOT ANSWER HIM”.

Jehovah’s name was at stake then and now His Son’s character is at stake. The Roman soldiers pierced the Jesus’ hands and feet and were forgiven by God at Jesus’ prayer on the cross, but these people pierce the very character of our Saviour and I don’t think they will enjoy the forgiveness as enjoyed by the Roman soldiers. These are the people whom John refers to in Revelation 1:7 “Behold He is coming with the clouds and every eye will see Him; even those WHO PIERCED (Dan Brown & Co) Him ”.

But, as Tony says, still we need to so something. We got to do something somehow. Yes, we ought to do just as what King Hezekiah did. We get it from Isaiah 37:14-20. He just presented the case before Jehovah. The one and only theme of his prayer is the Glory of God.

All we need to do is this. Let us go to the presence of the Lord and spread the book and the case before Him. Let us plead our God to glorify His Son before the nations. ( You have exalted above all else Your Name and Your WORD and You have magnified Your WORD above all Your Name – Psalm 138 : 2). I have already started this. I urge the fellow believers also to do this.

Anonymous said...

"The truth must come from the pulpits."

Sadly, that is where the truth should come, but is often sadly lacking. This kind of attitude is part of the reason we're in this mess in the first place. Has anyone heard of personal discipleship?

It's not the pastor's or priest's job to teach the Scriptures as much as it is the parents - isn't that what we teach?

But, no, we'd rather abdicate our responsibility to know and teach the Word, disciple others and help our fellow man by saying, 'Hey, we're paying this guy to do it!'

It's time for the church to get back to basics, whether their pastor is or not. It's time to read that book sitting on your shelf. Christ died to break the seperation - to provide once and for all the opportunity for all of his followers to become priests, understanding the Scripture and having direct access to God, without needing an internediary - so why do we keep asking for one and blaming them?

I seem to remember some folks a few thousand years ago bitching about needing a king...

Fitz said...

Here is my commment posted on my blog:

I ran across this blog entry when it was republished in Christianity Today. It was written by Barbara R. Nicolosi, a scriptwriter, author, and speaker. She has some very opinionated things to say about The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Her basic premise is that we should stay far away from the book and the movie, as utilizing it for discussion purposes or to educate ourselves with it for those purposes would be similar to arguing with the Devil himself. She likens a discussion with anyone advocating DVC to an exorcism of demons. She criticizes those that might fall away from God because they did so "over this cartoonish, illiterate, dishonest piece of hack drivel..." instead of something bigger and more important like a love affair. Her depiction of "typical DVC inspired dialogue" paints the advocate as a close-minded, rude, sex-crazed, demon-possessed individual. Wow! Nothing like being open-minded, eh?

I just got The Da Vinci Code out of the library (the huge, illustrated, coffee-table version, since it was the only thing left) and started reading it the other night. It's an OK book so far, not great. And I plan on seeing the movie when it comes out, either in the theater or more likely on DVD (since I have a baby now). Why? Not only do I really like Tom Hanks as an actor and Ron Howard as a director. I also need to be prepared. I have heard much about the book, but have experienced none of it first-hand. I need to be prepared to know what I'm talking about when the topic comes up. And come up it will. If I were to take Ms. Nicolosi's high road, and one of my students were to approach me with questions about some of the so-called facts that the book or movie espouses, how would I respond? "Sorry. I didn't read or see it. It is spiritually-unfit for me to consume. And just the fact that you are asking me about makes you the Devil!" Come on! Let's be a little less closed-minded and impractical. Jesus Himself in Mark 5 not only communicated with the demons, but also granted their wishes by casting them into a herd of swine. I am not putting myself or anyone else on par with Jesus, but this book will open conversations with people about God, even if they have skewed opinions of Him. 1 Peter 3:15 exhorts believers to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that in them, and with humbleness, not pride. I would much rather be prepared to dialogue and give an answer for my hope than to condemn...

Anonymous said...

Nice point, Fitz.

I just have a few comments on the whole matter:

1. The Da Vinci Code a decent, but not brilliant, novel. From the interviews I've seen and read, Dan Brown doesn't seem to be an evil genius bent on the demise of established religion. In fact, I would say his only streak of genius is his ability to capitalize on a good conspiracy theory. Everybody loves a conspiracy.

2. The large majority of people understand that DVC is fiction, and they aren't going to take all of its claims at face value. I choose to believe that most of America is not quite so foolish to absolutely believe everything they read in a novel before doing little bit of personal research. Granted, most of them will be too lazy for that, so the whole fascinating matter will remain pleasantly up in the air. The huge success of TV shows, sermon series, and Bible studies addressing the book demonstrates that people are interested in hearing more than one take on the whole thing. So while the phenomenon may make a few athiests, and leave plenty of people confused, it may well result in a few people inadvertently stumbling on the truth.

3. Did any of you actually WATCH the Gospel of Judas? It was a fascinating and well-balanced documentary, that, while told from a secular historian's point of view, was not at all anti-Christian! The final conclusion was that, while the gospel of Judas was probably not an historically acurate account of Jesus' life and teachings, it provided a very interesting look into Gnostic beliefs. I'm not going to argue with that.

4. Who's to say the Da Vinci Code phenomenon isn't a good thing?
If nothing else it's waking us all up to how lazy we've all become. This myth isn't too hard to debunk. But the fact that so many Christians don't know how is frightening. We all need to step up our game and study some history, and get our feet grounded in some good solid doctrine, so when the next challenge comes along, we'll be ready.

Anonymous said...

Hi, first of all I'm the kind of person who believes that satan should be attacked whenever possible. I don't read books on exorcism so I'll admit that I didn't know the first rule of exorcism was to not answer the devils questions. However speaking of marching our troops into battle, I happen to read alot about military strategy. The first rule of of military strategy is that the best defense is to always be on the offense. I had a friend tell me the other day in class about how someone got upset when he offered his views about Christianity. I asked what they were and he said "I basically think that Christians were an occulitc..." I cut him off saying "if that's your view I don't want to hear about it. I've never read of any authenticated physical evidence that suggests Christians are occultic, Christ had sex with Mary Magdelene, or any of the other bull you just suggested. What I do know from reading is that there is alot of evidence to support that Christ died on the cross, was crucified dead and buried and on the third day he rose again. So much so that it could even stand up in the court of law." Well after that he didn't get much past the stuttering phase in his arguments and he concluded by saying that his friend who had gotten offended when told his occultic views had offered to take him to church to hear the other side of the argument.
That's the approach we should be taking. Not backing down and running away whenever someone confronts us with opposing views. No wonder so many people have the wrong ideas about what Christians believe. The truth is they don't know what Christians believe. Is it not enough that I have to hear other people slandering my God, now I'm supposed to run the other way. I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I can't and I wont. We all know God could defend himself from these utterly rediculous, slanderous remarks if he wanted to. But as long as I'm around and I'm gonna stick up for my friends, my family and my God.
Wanna know the second rule of military strategy? Never retreat. Only get into a battle if you know you can win it otherwise you'll be forced to retreat and when you retreat your loses are more severe than if you had fought back. If you know that person has done a little research (however much baloney he has looked up) than don't get involved in a debate unless you know outright that you can beat him. Cause if you do and your forced to retreat he will believe he's won and what's worse the other people who are around will see that you didn't have any answers for his load of bull. They'll see Christians as weak and lose all respect for them, along with any chance of being converted. Your loses will be worse than if you had just avoided the battle altogether.
You've got to wait for the opportune moment, when the conditions are in your favor and you can just pick away his arguments piece by piece and reveal them for the load of bull they really are. When you have your devotions pray that God will give you the right words to defend you faith. And when you get a chance do some research. Go to your local Christian book store and get a few books. I gaurantee there'll Christian books just waiting to pick apart the baloney that Dan Brown has rolled up into what he has the audacity to call a book. Do a little of decoding yourself and you can see just underneath the surface is plageristic phony bunch of junk.
I personally haven't read the Da Vinci Code. However I plan to. I encourage you to do the same after you've researched the arguments against it. Buy it second hand off ebay or used from But only do this if you've researched the arguments against it! That way Dan Brown wont lead you into his lair of lies and deception and be able to wreck your faith.
As for the proposal to go see over the hedge when it comes out the weekend of the Da Vinci Code, I think that's a fantastic idea. What a great way to show that you're not interested in that junk Columbia Pictures had put together. I strongly encourage you to take your family opening weekend to go see Over the Hedge. Don't just sit back and take Dan Brown's junk. Do a little battle. Arm yourself and pray for the right words to defend your faith.
Just sharing another alternative to running away, Kyle

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and to whoever kyle davidson is the first rule of strategy is to know and respect your enemies power

Anonymous said...

Seeking the Holy Grail
—A message from Jesus

You've probably heard about The Da Vinci Code—the novel that has become a bestseller and has now been made into a Hollywood movie. The claims in The Da Vinci Code have raised questions in many people's minds.

The story line involves a sequence of gripping mysteries and adventures that many people find intriguing. I love a good mystery Myself, and I enjoy watching people carefully put together the pieces of an intricate puzzle—whether it's archaeologists uncovering ancient civilizations, botanists unraveling the mysteries of the genetic structure of plants, or the average man and woman trying to make sense of current events. Life would be boring if there were nothing to discover, no theories to test, and no way to find answers to your questions.

After reading or watching The Da Vinci Code or hearing about it from friends, family, or the media, it's understandable to wonder whether the "revelations" in this story should affect your perspective on Christianity and the Bible and Me. A lot has already been written about the issues, and there have been many attempts to sort fact from fiction. Matters of faith aren't always easy to prove—if they were, it wouldn't take faith—but I have seen to it that there is enough evidence of the truth that those who are truly seeking will find it.

While The Da Vinci Code states untruths and I'm not happy about that, it is also sparking an increased interest in Me and My life. I am happy about that, because many people don't understand who I am or what I have to offer. They also don't understand that My Spirit does not dwell in temples made with hands (The Bible, Acts 7:48), and that neither can the masters of those temples claim to represent or speak for Me unless they truly know Me. Many who have assumed this role did not, and through the centuries many wrongs have been committed in My name. Men and women claiming to be My representatives have waged unjust wars, robbed the poor, oppressed the weak, and misled the masses in many ways.

One such misconception is the teaching that sexuality is evil. This false teaching has led to many problems in society today. In reality, sex is one of God's creations and is embraced in the Bible. It's a natural part of life and when done lovingly it's beautiful in My sight.

The religious authorities over the centuries have covered up many things. Yet the truth of My nature as the Son of God, the Savior, the One who has power to touch and transform your life has not been able to be repressed.

If you don't know Me yet, then I have a proposal for you: Rather than trying to figure Me out, why not give Me a chance to show you the truth? I am not just talking about right and wrong, or good advice, but supernatural truth. All that I am cannot be comprehended by the mind. You have to seek and understand with your heart. Why not see for yourself if I'm real and "the way, the truth, and the life" as I told My first disciples? (The Bible, John 14:6). Why not put Me to the test? Accept My love and presence into your life, and then see what I can do for you.

I can be your closest friend and confidant. I can help you when things go wrong and you need support. I can give happiness in place of grief, and I can bring beauty out of the ashes of failures and mistakes. Once you ask Me into your life, I will never leave you. That's a solemn pledge! I will always love and care for you in spite of everything, including your own faults and failings.

Once you connect with Me personally, then as you delve into what I have revealed in the Bible—and particularly in the Gospels—you will discover pure and life-giving truths within My Word. There's a personal message from Me to you within that book—it may have seemed encoded, but if you know Me, you'll begin to understand it. You'll find heavenly treasures worth far more than the Holy Grail.

All you need to do to start to receive all that I have to offer is open your heart and invite Me in. Just say, "Jesus, I'm willing to try You out. Please come into my life, show me how real You are, and give me Your gift of eternal life. Amen."

Did Jesus Marry?
Yes! I am married to those who believe in Me and receive Me into their hearts and lives! As far as being married on Earth, no, I wasn't in the way you consider it, and I didn't have any physical children. Yet, I do have a wife to whom I am devoted. You who receive Me are the bride of Christ; you are married to Me in spirit. The apostle Paul wrote: "You should be married to another—to Him who was raised from the dead, that we should bear fruit to God" (Romans 7:4). I love you as a faithful husband loves his wife. I will be there for you always, I vow—for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and even death will not part us.

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