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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Things to Do in L.A. when your right hand is wrapped up

Jean-Luc Picard. You command your ship with an

iron fist and the children love you. Bah!!!

Humbug!! KIDS!!! >_<

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

ugh....vicodin, pj's and the olympics

that just about covers my life since monday. i had surgery on my hand - my b-day too! - and now have only left hand capsability. which jmeans no caps.

i have learned that vicodin makes me itch...and also that marlena's ex-husbands never really die, they just get played by other actors...i've also picked up a real thing for curling...but i'm hoping that'd just the drugs.

ugh...yhat was exhaudting.

bandages off next wednedsay. not much till then.

God bless -

Saturday, February 18, 2006

See Barb in MI

[Note from Barb: My talk is from 12:50pm - 1:30pm. I am talking on the Church and the arts. Then, I'm on some kind of panel.]

Holy Trinity Apostolate presents,

A One-Day Lenten Symposium - "God Is Love"

March 4, 2006, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Sts. Cyril & Methodius Slovak Catholic Church
41223 Ryan Rd.
Sterling Heights, MI, 48314

9.00 am Mass: celebrated by The Most Reverend John M. Quinn

Speakers: Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk; Fr. Francis Mary Stone, MFVA; Barbara R. Nicolosi; Fr. Pablo Straub, CSSR; Fr. Val Rykowski; Teresa Tomeo

Registration fee: $38/person, $15/student (includes lunch), no refunds; Download registration forms here.

Send check no later than 3/1/06 payable to Holy Trinity Apostolate, P.O. Box 7095, Sterling Heights, MI 48311-7095
Contacts: Pat (586) 264-3789, Shirley (313) 277-8905, Alma (248) 689-2843; info1@holytrinityapostolate.com

Sunday, February 12, 2006

ACT ONE Screenwriting Weekend - New York City!

March 31-April 1, 2006

Presented by Act One, Inc., Lamb's Theatre, and Manhattan Initiative

Act One Screenwriting Weekends are two-day workshops on writing for mainstream TV and film.

* 11 hours of instruction over two days
* Taught by Hollywood pros from the Act One faculty. (See below.)
* Covers the craft and business of writing for mainstream film and TV, as well as spiritual and ethical issues writers face
* An intensive, condensed version of the Summer Program curriculum
* Perfect for beginners and intermediates; great review for pros

Our instructors are faculty members of the prestigious Act One: Writing for Hollywood screenwriter training program. They bring the experience and know-how of Hollywood insiders and the unique perspective of Christians who work in the world's entertainment capital.

Learn how to choose the right story and why Christians often fail to tell their stories effectively. Master industry-standard script format and explore the power of TV and film to shape audience attitudes and speak powerfully to the human heart. Find out if a Hollywood career could be right for you.

March 31-April 1, 2006
Friday, 7:00 - 10:00 pm
Saturday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Lamb's Theatre (Times Square)
130 W 44th Street
New York, NY 10036


(Includes Saturday breakfast and lunch)

REGISTER: https://my.updateu.com/registration/register.asp?intOrgID=9286&intEventID=1820005&intOccID=45000206&

"Well, if it was a cartoon, THAT would be different!"

"[There will be] no placating. "It would be ludicrous to take on this subject and then try to take the edges off. We're doing this movie because we like the book." (Director Ron Howard on whether any consideration was given to Christian sensibilities in the making of The Da Vinci Code. From MTV.com)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

MAY 19 - Every Christian Goes to the Movies!

I just read a ludicrous statement by some Christian pastor, calling for all Christians to go to see The Da Vinci Code when it opens. His statement was something to the effect of "Every Christian needs to see this film!" I beg to differ.

No. We don't need to see this film. We all know what is in it. (Especially me, as I have read the screenplay.) It is a movie which begins from the point that Jesus was a fraud. He was not only not Divine, he was less than a man, who didn't die and rise to save humanity, but rather settled down in Nazareth suburbia and fathered children. Oh yes, and the Christian Church which made up all the salvific Messiah stuff about Him is a sham association of meglomaniacal conspirators whose unifying principles are in the oppression of women.

I have, thus far, been campaigning for a kind of non-campaign as regards The Da Vinci Code. I was thinking that we should all just agree to ignore it, and put our efforts into praying for the people who hate Jesus and us, His disciples, so much that they would make this film. I was reluctant to throw any free p.r. at the project by speaking about it publically, as that is all that the studio wants here. The people promoting the movie want - with every fiber of their obscenely well-compensated beings - that we make this film an event.

The almost irresistible hook for us all is that we supposedly need to see The Da Vinci Code, so that we can then tell all the other people what is wrong with it. All these Christians are being hooked in to write and speak about the film in the name of "dialogue." "How could you criticize something that you haven't seen?" And, "Everybody is going to be talking about this film! We won't be able to talk back if we haven't seen it."

Folks, there is no dialogue here. The dialogue which might have happened involved Sony and Imagine making changes in the story, that would have reflected some kind of fidelity to history or fairness. They didn't make those changes. Basically because they wanted to bash Christians. (Quick, someone assure me that Time and Newsweek and the NY Times, et al. will NOT be running reviews or ads for The Da Vinci Code because it is such an offensive caricature of the central figure of a major world religion!) Secondly, I don't agree that "everybody" is going to see this film. I found the script somewhere between idiotic and way too cute. I didn't find it half as clever as National Treasure....and that wasn't exactly a work of cinematic genius. As 80% of America is Christian, if they don't get us in, the movie basically tanks. And most of us probably weren't going to be going -- until we were told "Every Christian must!!!" All in the name of "dialogue."

(Note from The Princess Bride: "You keep using that word 'dialogue.' I don't think you know what that word means." Dialogue is based on equal playing field. In this case, the "Jesus was a fraud" side gets a major studio film costing $150 million. Our side gets a little website and a discussion guide.)

Further, we absolutely do not need to see the film to talk about Jesus. No more than we need to see porn to talk about human sexuality. Or to read Mein Kempf to decide whether we can have an opinion about gassing Jews. Besides, it would be dignifying a really inane story. Da Vinci Code is so ridiculous in its premises, that it is giving it a false gravity to even take it seriously enough so as to argue about it. ["And tomorrow, the Christians will be offering a hermenutic of moral praxis as can be gleaned from next week's episode of WWF Smackdown. Ahem."] Yeah, let's all find a starting point for dialogue in the notion that a secret coterie of albino monks has been mythmaking about Jesus' Divinity for 2,000 years. No, you go first.

Now, Christians being coaxed into writing anti-DVC pieces on a stupid web site (like, well, this one) are meekly accepting that they are being given "a seat at the table" in some grand cultural discussion. Duped! There is no seat folks. There is no discussion. What there is, is a few p.r. folks in Hollywood taking mondo big bucks from Sony Pictures, to deliver legions of well-meaning Christians into subsidizing a movie that makes their own Savior out to be a sham.

The masses who will see this film will not be coming to the web site. They will go in to the theaters, eat handfuls of popcorn, and then come out marveling that millions of people for 2,000 years could have been so duped by a lie. They won't go to any web site. They won't be coming to any Christian forum.

I love how we Christians have moved from all agreeing that DVC is evil, to now arguing about what cultural engagement means. Ha! Fabulous! It is a plot twist worthy of Da Vinci Code (if, you know, it were a really clever book with good plot points...)

ANYWAY.... here's what I think we should do. I am hereby announcing my personal "How to Respond to Da Vinci Code Strategy." And the answer is to go to the movies on May 19, 2006. Every Christian who loves Jesus, your mission, if you will accept it is to buy movie tickets. We need to bring our kids, our church groups, our youth ministry clubs, our seniors groups - and buy tickets for the homeless for after we feed them. And we all need to go to see THIS!

Let's make this little movie the biggest release of the year. Let's have DVC positively dwarfed in the weekend box-office, because all of us dutifully marched off to register our vote for the other movie opening that weekend. It's brilliant, mais oui?

Over the Hedge! Over the Hedge! More screens for Over the Hedge!"

And let us pray for Sony Pictures.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Executive Program now accepting applications !

We are very pleased to announce that the Act One | Executive Program is expanding to serve twice the number of students in 2006! And in a new partnership with Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, all Executive Program students are now eligible for continuing education credits.

The 2005 Executive Program has been proclaimed a phenomenal success by students, faculty, and employers. Ten of the fifteen students from this inaugural year are now working in strategic positions within the industry. These faithful future-executives are already influencing the content and quality of numerous film and television projects. Positions held by our alumni include a development executive, two talent agency assistants, as well as assistants to the presidents and the VP of development at a major production company. With three students returning to fulltime studies, the remaining candidates have secured interviews with high profile companies like UPN, Warner Bros., and Paramount.

This year, the program will run from June 10th to August 23rd. The application deadline is March 10th.

Act One’s rigorous 12-week Executive Program prepares and mentors talented Christians for executive careers in mainstream entertainment. Each of the selected candidates is matched with a summer internship at a Hollywood studio, agency, production company, or law firm. The program includes a challenging after-hours curriculum taught by working professionals in Hollywood.

What the Executive Program offers:

* A full-time internship at a Hollywood network, studio, production company, agency, or law firm.
* Over 100 hours of classroom instruction taught by industry veterans
* Excellent access to instructors, with only 25-30 students per class
* Practical assignments reviewed by industry pros
* Access to Act One Writing for Hollywood classes running in July & August
* Networking opportunities
* Admission to the Act One alumni community
* Access to alumni events, programs, & advanced training workshops
* A strong spiritual foundation for working in the entertainment industry

Please have a look at our website for new promotional materials that include: endorsements, success stories, the 2006 brochure, proposed curriculum and faculty, as well as a downloadable application form.

“Making an impact in the executive suites of networks and studios is the only way to have real influence in the entertainment industry.” - Ralph Winter, Producer: Fantastic Four, X2, X-men

“Act One is the only program I know of where students can interact with proven executives in practical, hands-on learning situations and wrestle through the tough issues.” - Terry Botwick, CEO, Thunderpoint Studios

“I have been a part of programs at UCLA, USC, and numerous other industry seminars and by far, the Act One Executive Program has the greatest breadth of inspired teachers, students, and guest lecturers. The Act One Program was one of the highlights of my life.” - Todd Burns, Class of 2005

Read about the Act One | Executive Program in Details Magazine!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

See Barb Speak. See Barb in Wichita. See Barb in Detroit.

FEBRUARY 13 – Monday 7pm
Book Signing Open to public

Eighth Day Books
2838 E. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67214

MARCH 4 – Saturday
Speech - "Hollywood, The Arts and the Church"

Holy Trinity Apostolate
Sterling Heights, MI
Register Online: www.holytrinityapostolate.com

Please help us spread the word!



HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- December 1, 2005 -- Act One, Inc., a nonprofit organization
that trains Christians for careers in mainstream film and television, is coming
to Nashville this summer. Act One will hold its much-lauded Writing Program at
Vanderbilt University from May 16 – June 10. The Writing Program is a four-week
intensive course on writing for TV and film, taught by Hollywood professionals.
It will also be held in Los Angeles, at the Oakwood Toluca Hills, from July 7 --
August 5.

Act One Writing Program Director Chris Riley notes: “The goal of the Act One
Writing Program is not to produce religious scripts, but rather writers whose
work is truthful, artistically excellent, and reflects a deep respect for the
audience. We’re looking for gifted writers who love movies and television,
writers who want to enter the mainstream Hollywood marketplace well-equipped to
compete with the best writers in the world, telling the most powerful and
entertaining stories in the world. Beyond that, we encourage our writers to take
their Christian faith seriously, integrating their faith with their art as they
seek a creative approach that welcomes the inspiration of the Holy Spirit into
everything they write.”

The Writing Program is more than just classes, fostering in students a respect
for the audience and an awareness of the need for entertainment that will
improve our lives and our culture. Our impressive faculty is made up of over
fifty working writers and producers, including Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of
Emily Rose), Ralph Winter (X2:X-Men United, Fantastic Four), Barbara Hall (Joan
of Arcadia), David McFadzean (Home Improvement, What Women Want), and many more.

Act One students are finding success in many levels of the entertainment
industry’s creative community, finding representation at Endeavor, CAA, and
other top agencies, and landing writing and producing jobs at DreamWorks,
Imagine, CBS, HBO, PAX, MS-NBC, and FOX, among others. Alumni David Hansen
claims “the amount of scholarship, the degree of professionalism and the keen
wisdom of the Act One Writing Program is simply an unparalleled gift to
burgeoning script writers. I can hardly believe it exists." Featured by
Newsweek, The Washington Post, Atlantic Monthly, Details, and Premiere, Act One
has been hailed by industry veteran Ron Austin (Mission: Impossible) as playing
“an indispensable role in bringing young Christians into the mainstream of

Act One can only accept thirty students into each program. The application
process is very competitive, so interested writers are encouraged to begin the
process as early as possible. “The Writing Program is by far the most thorough,
most inspiring, intensive screenwriting program I've seen anywhere,” notes
screenwriter and faculty member Janet Batchler. “You can waste years of time
tiptoeing around the edges of the entertainment industry, or you can come to Act
One and learn what you need to know in four weeks.” Applications are due by
March 1.

For more information about Act One, visit our website at www.actoneprogram.com,
or contact Becca Bennett, Program Coordinator, at 323-464-0815 or
becca@actoneprogram.com. To interview Act One founder Barbara Nicolosi, contact
Pure Publicity at (818) 753-4056 or Purepublicity@aol.com.

Also in 2006, Act One will hold a training program for entertainment executives.
For details, see our website or contact Rob Kirbyson at 323-464-0815.



Act One is a non-profit ministry with a unique mission field: Hollywood. Since
1999, we’ve been training Christians for careers in mainstream film and
television, so that they may be "salt and light" in writers rooms, on sets, and
in studio and network offices.

In short, Act One is transforming Hollywood from within.

Act One achieves its mission through a variety of educational programs. The
Summer Writing Program is a 4-week intensive course for serious Christians who
intend to write for mainstream movies and television. The Executive Program is a
12-week course that offers promising business and law school graduates the
chance to intern with top Hollywood companies. Screenwriting Weekends are a
series of screenwriting seminars held in major cities across the country.

Act One’s all-volunteer faculty are among Hollywood’s top writers, directors,
and executives, the creative forces behind productions such as Joan of Arcadia,
X-Men, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and many more. They are the best there is
at training people of faith around the country to begin careers in Hollywood.

The media has noticed what Act One is doing. We’ve been featured in Newsweek,
Details, The Washington Post, and many other top publications, as well as on
CNN, Fox News, Extra, and A&E. We co-sponsored a conference on Capitol Hill with
Rep. Mick McIntyre (D-N.C.) and Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.). We’ve met with White
House staff on several occasions, and the Chairman of the National Endowment for
the Arts was the keynote speaker at our 2004 summer program.

For more information, see www.actoneprogram.com.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I am just back from Sundance. And I don't even have time for therapy over that before I am off again on another trip.

I'll be in Vegas this weekend for an Act One Screenwriting Weekend. Then, while everybody else gets to watch the Superbowl, I will be flying to Nashville for a Pastor's Conference. On Tuesday I'm off to Chicago. Then, up to Appleton, WI.

Back in L.A. next Friday. Doubt I'll be blogging while I carpetbag.

Besides...I'm on a hiatus.