Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from...

...the Philadelphia airport. A day after. I'm on my way back to Los Angeles after a lovely visit home. Too bad New England is so cold. It would be such a lovely place if it wasn't basically uninhabitable 8 months a year.

I was brooding yesterday at Mass on how many Thanksgivings America will get to celebrate before the whole thing is ruled by the new Nazis of Tolerance an insensitive, oppressive celebration of patriarchial and religious colonialism. The day asks us to be thankful to Whom, after all? Some Deity, eh? Can't have that now, can we? But maybe in the future changed and hopeful world we will all go and work out on Thanksgiving instead of thanking God.

I'm also thinking we pro-lifers need to co-opt the monniker "abolitionists." I think that would be keenly galling to the Obama crowd as they shove eighty-seven different ways to kill baby, elderly and chronically ill humans down our throats. Maybe if Obama was all black instead of half-black, he would care more about civil rights? Just brooding here...

So, I'll be off to Fatima in Portugal on December 10th. Got to scope out the lay of the land for the movie I am working on now. Prayers for astounding insight and divine inspiration are so very needed.

The other movie, Mary, Mother of the Christ is going ahead in a very graced way. The financing seems to have come together in the last week. A director is attached and it's out to talent and a shooting date is on the calendar for March. Please do keep the progress of this project in your prayers.

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