Monday, June 30, 2008

The Standard Script from Walden

Here is a snip from Daily Variety's review today of Journey to the Center of the Earth the latest classic work to apparently be rendered banal by Walden Media.

"What Journey to the Center of the Earth emphasizes is how technology ends up dictating content: Helmer Brevig [note from Barb: "helmer" is Tinseltown speak for d"director"] seems compelled to remind us again and again, that we're in 3-D, so something flies at our faces for no apparent reason except to justify the ad budget. It's ornamental, gimmicky, and wholly unnecessary where the narrative and 2-D effects would have been absorbing enough on their own.

A more unavoidable obstacle here is that there's not much in the way of plot..."

One would think that eventually, somebody at Walden is going to get sick of this kind of review and start to look at the way they develop scripts.

I'm picking on Walden because so many of us had such high hopes for the company when it got started. They had some Christians at the helm, and a Christian billionaire paying the bills. It seemed like a dream come true for those of us Christians who have been in the business for years. But they didn't understand scripts. Christians didn't get that "the word" was important. It just strikes me as an inexcusable oversight.

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