Thursday, March 08, 2007

Schedule Update

I am off for another long trip starting Sunday. Here is the most current update of where I will be in the next few months...

March 12-13 -- Huntington College, Ft. Wayne, IN -- I am giving a talk open to the general public at 7pm, March 13. Here is the University's press release with all the info regarding the event.

March 14-17 --Washington, DC -- I don't have any official engagements on my calendar, but I still have room for meetings or soirees if anybody wants to get together. For a good time, email me at

March 18-21 -- Milan, Italy -- I am principally going to speak for two days to the Film/Mediua students at the Catholic University of Milan. However, my visit coincides with the release of the Italian version of our book Behind the Screen, so the University is supposed to be planning some kind of event open to the general public to promote the book. For info, I guess you can just contact the University? (Armando, if you are out there, perhaps put the info in the comments here?)

March 22-April 4 -- Israel -- !!!!! -- Just being there and praying.

April 4-9 -- Rome, Italy -- Nothing on the agenda but a Holy Week retreat at this point.

I would be grateful for prayers to accompany my trip. Not sure what God is preparing me for with all this pilgimaging, but (to borrow from Pretty Woman) "God, in case I forget to say it after, 'I had a real great time!'"

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