Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Hall's - Singlehandedly Putting the AMDG in Primetime?

My friend and sometime pilgrimage companion, Karen Hall has good news over at her blog about a TV show she has sold to AMC. Tentatively called "Vows" the show is set in a Jesuit house of formation located on a university campus. Go here to read more.

And, then, I had dinner the other night with the other TV writing Hall in town, Karen's sibling Barbara. Barbara, who was the creator and show runner of the much mourned Joan of Arcadia, has another show about God-stuff that is in the works now for CBS. It's called Demons and is about an ex-Jesuit with an inescapable talent at exoricising everybody else's demons. He has no facility for exorcising his own, which I am sure will make for a good character.

Please keep both Halls and their shows in your prayers. It's hard to put yourself out there when you are just writing basic dramas. When you are writing spiritually themed work, you open yourself up to ten times more attacks from humans, and persecution from principalities and powers just to keep it interesting.

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