Monday, March 05, 2007

Help Act One! Go See The Ultimate Gift

The new film The Ultimate Gift was written by an Act One alumn, Cheryl Mckay, of whom we are very proud. Cheryl sent me the following message about a way people can contribute to Act One when they buy a ticket to the film....


Hey everyone! This is the week! My film comes out Friday. Thanks for all the notes I received when I announced this a couple weeks ago. I can’t thank all of you enough for spreading the word to your friends and family. It sounds like thousands of people have heard about this film just from you guys. I’m overwhelmed by the volume of support everyone’s shown. Fox Faith decided to add 300 more theaters to our release. And the American Family Association’s President sent out their endorsement this week.

I just have one last announcement.

Before you go to the theater on opening weekend (March 9-11), you can check to see if a theater in your area is participating in giving $1 per ticket to charity. (This charity program is only for the opening weekend.) I set up a charity code for Act One, Inc. the non-profit screenwriting organization that has invested a lot in me as a writer. They have a full faculty of Christian writers, directors and producers who teach people like me how to write and produce films like this one. (Family-friendly, or faith based types of stories, movies that reach a mainstream audience yet still contain good messages etc.)

Go to:
Choose The Ultimate Gift and enter your zip code.
If you find a theater in your area, proceed to GET TICKETS NOW.
It will direct you to Fox Faith’s section of Fandago.
Upon check out, you can enter the church/organization code: 500231

To view the new trailer online, visit:
They also put up a new site with behind the scenes footage at:

Thanks for all the support for this film!
Cheryl McKay
Screenwriter “The Ultimate Gift”

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Anonymous said...

I live in Lincoln, Ma. and have been waiting for this movie to come to my area. I have even contacted several theaters in my area asking if they were going to get it. Every one said NO. How can i get to see this movie and where will I have to go?