Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Jesus loves Act One so much...

...I don't think I could screw it up even if I tried." (Barb to Assistant Executive Program Director, Rob Kirbyson, at the end of the opening three-day retreat of the new Executive Program)

Seriously, the program could not be going any better. We have a wonderful group of students, a fabulous faculty, a smart and comprehensive curriculum, and, thanks to the De Vos Foundation, the money to get us through the year. (A matching grant we are still trying to finish matching, btw....never too tired to beg.)

I am very tired, however, and we just started. Too tired to blog. Too tired to go and see Batman Begins so I can talk about it on the radio Friday. Certainly too tired to be talking to CBS Evening News (yesterday morning), and Newsweek (yesterday afternoon).

Do send prayers for our students and faculty...and tired staff.

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