Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Heads Up There, Cowboy!

One of our act one alumns sent me the following heads-up. I haven't seen the thing myself, but I am now officially intrigued.

I've had a chance to preview the first two episodes of Steven Spielberg's INTO THE WEST that premieres on TNT this Friday, June 10. (It runs every Friday until July 22, with repeats on Saturdays and Sundays.)

Excellent production values, great writing, compelling story--AND a strong Christian witness in the character of Jedediah Smith. In short: I was very impressed and recommend everyone check it out.


ryan said...

Hey, I've got a Christian friend in it, too! T.C. Osuniga.

Neb said...

Almost makes me want to hook up the TV...except then I'd have to watch the commercials, too. Maybe I can have my dad tape it (they have a dish). I did see a "trailer" for it at the theater a couple of weeks ago and it looked purty!

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