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Friday, June 03, 2005
Barb on 700 Club
I got an email from a producer at CBN that I will be on The 700 Club on June 6th. The producer's exact quote was, "You were a big part of making the piece interesting." That's important to me to know, because I keep telling family and friends to catch me on TV shows, only to see that my actual face-time is 3.78 seconds and about 9 words.

Anyway, I have never actually seen The 700 Club, but one of my Evangelical friends told me last night, "It's big." Which would be nice if it inspires obscenely large numbers of enthusiastic viewers to click on over to Act One's site so as to make donations. Or else to click on over to our new book page on Amazon to lift our sales number out of five figure ignominy.


BTW, to what does the 700 in The 700 Club refer? (I'm going to be real embarrassed if it's some Scriptural reference that I don't know because, as a Catholic, I don't know the Bible....especially because, as an ex-nun, liberally educated Catholic, I feel quite safe in being somewhat smug about my Bible chops.... I'm hoping the 700 refers to something like the exact number of sentences in Calvin's greatest work. Or else, the number of hymns Martin Luther wrote...(Evil Barb thinks, "Or the average number of Protestant sects annually since the Reformation." "Heh, heh...." Away with you, Evil wicked Barb!!) or something like that that won't make me feel too stupid to have been featured on The 700 Club.