Monday, June 13, 2005


I have been consulting for the last few months on a screenplay project based on the book The Grunt Padre about Medal of Honor winner Fr. Vincent Cappadono. The project first came to my attention in 1998, when a priest from the Diocese of Arlington called me for advice about how to get the project a hearing in Hollywood.

After 7 years of plugging away, Fr. Daniel Mode had gotten together a team of producers and a writer, to bring the Fr. Vincent story to the screen. And then, by weird coincidence, Fr. Mode himself was called up by the Marines to serve in Afghanistan.

Fr. Mode is a good and faithful priest, and now, he is also a good and faithful Marine, serving our men and women in uniform who are in harm's way. He is recording his experiences in Afghanistan here. Please do check out his site and send him greetings. And keep him in your prayers.

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WICatholic said...

What happened to Fr Mode's blog?? I have not had access to it for quite awhile now. He was my sister's pastor before being sent to Afghanistan ... hope he is ok.