Thursday, August 28, 2008

Enjoying Southern California

My friend Laura and I have been making our way up and down Southern California this week taking in the sights, the shows, and probably too much great food.

Under the category, "Southern CA is one of the most paradise-ish places on earth" are these photos of Laguna Beach.

Here's Laura about to propose we set out for a lovely lunch overlooking the ocean at the newly restored, famous Laguna Hotel. Excellent.

Then, we were on to the San Diego Zoo. We had wonderful good fortune as we got there at feeding time and got to see pretty much every animal. Sometimes they are hiding in their paddocks because of heat or sloth. But it was a cool day so the animals all seemed to be out in the open, playing and well, working out, zoo animal style.

And then there was the tiger laying right next to the glass...

Panda mommy nursing her baby panda!!! Top that National Zoo!

Yeah, I think maybe it's a rhinoceros butt. But it's hard to tell. In election years it is very hard to tell one ass from another in Southern CA.

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