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Act One Story Conference News

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HOLLYWOOD | AUGUST 13. Bringing together the sharpest minds in Hollywood to talk about the nature of story wasn’t enough; Act One had to grab the sharpest mind in academia, too.

Boston College professor of philosophy Dr. Peter Kreeft, a prolific author and one of the foremost Catholic philosophers in the United States, has been confirmed as one of several keynote speakers at the Act One “Storytelling for the 21st Century” Conference this fall. Kreeft’s many books range in topic from philosophy overviews to imagined dialogs between Socrates and Jesus, and Act One is excited for what he brings to the Conference table.

Also confirmed as speakers:

- World renowned lecturer and University of Southern California film professor Bobette Buster.
- Television writer and producer Karen Hall, who’s credits include critically acclaimed shows “Judging Amy,” “Northern Exposure” and the final episode of “M*A*S*H”.
- Dean Batali, writer and producer of such hit shows as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “That ‘70s Show”.
- Screenwriter, Founder of Act One and Vice President of Creative Development at Origin Entertainment Barbara Nicolosi.
- Plus more to come!

“Many of us will have to wait a bit longer to sit at the feet of Socrates or Jesus, so for this conference we got the next best thing,” said Vicki Peterson, conference coordinator. “Our speakers are world-renowned for their expertise in stories, and their combined insight into art and contemporary culture is sure to engage.”

Act One’s Storytelling Conference will focus on high level discussions about the nature of story, its effects on the masses and just why people love stories in the first place. Each speaker will present a 20 minute lecture followed by a round table discussion that will challenge the audience to deepen their thinking about just what it means exactly to tell a story.

Whether you’re a writer working on a script, a pastor working on a sermon, or an executive looking for the next great story, Act One’s Storytelling Conference will help you hone your craft.

When: Oct. 17 and 18, 9am-5pm
Where: Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA
Cost: $125
To register, email

For more info, go to or check out our conference page on Facebook

Act One, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that has trained Christians of all denominations for careers in mainstream film and television for the past ten years. Stressing artistry, excellence, professionalism, and Christian spirituality, Act One prepares students to pursue careers marked by personal integrity and professional excellence, in writers rooms, on sets, and in studio and network offices. The end goal is not to produce explicitly religious entertainment, but movie and TV projects that respect and serve the global audience, combining mastery of craft with great depth and meaning. Over ten years, Act One has amassed a vast alumni network of writers, producers, directors and entertainment executives who are dedicated to producing excellent work for a global audience.

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