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Attention Authors and Writers...

[NOTE FROM BARB: My good friend Bobette Buster is one of the folks participating in this telesummit. She truly is one of the best in the business as a script analyst and writers coach. I don't know about the other folks. Sorry about the formatting. The file they sent me was problematic.]

The Writers Telesummit

What if you could be coached by 24 of the Best in the Business - All without leaving the comfort of your home?

Join us for an Amazing Virtual Writers' Conference!

Imagine spending a full hour with each of 24 world-class writing professionals. Each one dedicated to helping you write regularly, effectively and more profoundly. They want you to sell what you write and have your part in living the writing dream!


Thursday, September 4-Sunday September 7, 2008

24 great sessions. 6 one-hour sessions over four days conveniently scheduled to suit your needs whether you live on the East Coast, the West Coast or anywhere in between. (And if you live elsewhere in the world, all sessions are recorded!)


Right in the comfort of your own home or office!


The Writers Telesummit brings together an amazing team of knowledgeable, successful - and genuinely helpful - industry professionals. They will all be in one place, talking directly to you and taking your questions.

This is a not to be missed opportunity. Not only is our roster excellent, but our presenters will be focused on telling you what you need to know to really move your writing career forward. They'ss share the things they wished they had learned starting out. The keys. The very best tips.

Unlike an ordinary writers conference, with The Writers TeleSummit you don’t have to choose between sessions or choose a track. At a regular writers conference you get one or two keynote speakers and then you have to make choices. Here all of our 24 speakers are keynote speakers. You get to hear them all and learn from all of them as they present—and listen to them again at your leisure.

Acclaimed author and creativity coach, Eric Maisel, PhD., has arranged what may be the best writers conference ever put together, to be held as a teleconference and web streaming event from September 4 – September 7, 2008. As a creative person you really must check it out.

The Writers TeleSummit features 24 world-class professionals in the field. Accomplished authors, agents, publishers, all at your disposal for four days. The cost? Only $295, a fraction of the cost of any other kind of conference of this caliber.

All calls are professionally recorded and available for play back and download. Your registration includes audio downloads of all 24 keynote addresses for the entire four day conference. That's 24 hours of inspiring audio available as in MP3 format included in the low cost of registering. There is also an option for having CD's of all events sent to your door.

There are several great free gifts that are ours to keep when we register. We’ll get four lessons from Eric Maisel's popular Coaching Writers Training, lessons that you can’t get anywhere else. If you wanted them, you would have to pay more than the cost of The Writers Telesummit to join the training. You get them for free when you sign up. We'll also get three professional tips from each presenter, that's 72 tips to jump start our writing/creative careers before the conference even begins. And if we are in the first 50 people to register, we get a free copy of Eric Maisel's E Book "Sleep Thinking." It's an incredible value.

Our amazing presentations:

0. The Odyssey of the First Novel

. The Odyssey of the Memoir

0. Writing and Selling the Romance Novel

. Writing and Selling the Contemporary Novel

. Writing and Selling the Mystery Series

. Writing and Selling the Children’s Book

. Writing and Selling the Nonfiction Book

. Writing and Selling the Interview Book

. Writing and Selling the Self-Help Book

. Writing and Selling the Illustrated Book

. Writing and Selling the Travel Memoir

. Writing and Selling the Nature Book

. Writing for the Niche Market

. How to Turn Your Expertise into a Bestselling Book

. The Fundamentals of Screenwriting

. The Art of the Spiritual Book

. The Nonfiction Collaboration

. Literary Agent Basics

. Finding the Right Literary Agent

. What Editors Want

. How to Handle Rejection

. Book Publicity Basics

. Branding, Positioning, and Self-Promoting

Our amazing roster:

Rebecca York - our speaker on “Writing and Selling the Romance Novel”

. A New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly best-selling and award-winning author, Rebecca has written over 115 books. Since 1983, Rebecca has authored or co-authored 85 romances and romantic thrillers, for Berkley, Harlequin, Silhouette, Dell, Kensington and Tor, many with paranormal elements.

. Her KILLING MOON was a launch title for Berkley’s Sensation imprint in June 2003. Seven more books in the series have followed. Her next Intrigue is CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, October, 2008.

. Her many awards include two Rita finalist books. She has two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times: for Series Romantic Suspense and for Series Romantic Mystery. Romantic Times recently honored her as a Pioneer of Romance.

Cindi Myers - our speaker on “Writing and Selling the Contemporary Novel”

0. Writing as Cynthia Sterling, Cindi wrote seven historical romances for Berkley and Kensington before turning to contemporary fiction.

. Cindi has published more than 30 romances and women’s fiction titles, among them MY BACKWARDS LIFE, LEARNING CURVES, THE RIGHT MR. WRONG, and A SOLDIER COMES HOME.

. Almost half a million copies of Cindi’s books have been published around the world. Her books have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, and Greek.

Camille Minichino - our speaker on “Writing and Selling the Mystery Series”

. Bestselling author of the periodic table mystery series, whose titles include THE OXYGEN MURDER, THE LITHIUM MURDER, THE CARBON MURDER and THE NITROGEN MURDER.

. Camille also created a second mystery series based on her lifelong love of miniatures. Writing as Margaret Grace, her titles in this series include MURDER IN MINIATURE and MAYHEM IN MINIATURE.

. Has a Ph.D. in physics from Fordham University, is on the staff of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has written wildly popular articles like “Experimental Very High Pressure Equation of State and Thermophysical Properties of Liquid Ta and W” and “Thermophysical Properties of Liquid Tantalum and Molybdenum” and further demonstrated her range by penning MEMOIR: THE BOSTON BRAVES.

Sheree Fitch - our speaker on “Writing and Selling the Children’s Book”

. Sheree is a multi award-winning writer, speaker, and educator and the author of twenty-three books in a variety of genres. Since the publication of her first book, TOES IN MY NOSE (Doubleday 1987), she’s traveled the globe as a visiting author, writing instructor, and literacy educator.

. Sheree is one of Canada’s best-known and best-loved children’s book authors. Her books for children include THERE’S A MOUSE IN MY HOUSE!, IF I COULD WEAR MY SNEAKERS, NO TWO SNOWFLAKES, THE HULLABALOO BUGAGABOO DAY and many others

. Sheree received the Vicky Metcalf Award for a body of work inspirational to Canadian children and two honorary doctorates for her contribution to Canadian literature and issues affecting women and children.

Ed Hooks - our speaker on “Writing for the Niche Market”

0. Ed has been a theatre professional for three decades and teaches acting to both animators and actors. His books include THE ACTOR’S FIELD GUIDE, ACTING STRATEGIES FOR THE CYBER AGE, THE ULTIMATE SCENE AND MONOLOGUE SOURCEBOOK, and ACTING FOR ANIMATORS.

. Ed has taught for many companies, including Disney Feature Animation (Burbank, Orlando and Sydney, Australia), Ubisoft, Blue Sky, DreamWorks/PDI, Lucas Learning, Animal Logic, Rising Sun Pictures, Microsoft (X-Box/Fasa Studios), Big Idea, Scanline Productions (Munich Germany) and Crystal Dynamics and twice instructed at The Ringling School of Art and Design (Sarasota, Florida).

. Last year Ed taught in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ed’s newest book is ACTING IN ANIMATION: A LOOK AT 12 FILMS.

Cathleen Rountree - our speaker on “Writing and Selling the Interview Book”

. Author of the bestselling interview series ON WOMEN TURNING 30, ON WOMEN TURNING 40, ON WOMEN TURNING 50, ON WOMEN TURNING 60, and ON WOMEN TURNING 70

. An entertainment critic, film critic and movie lover who wrote THE MOVIE LOVER’S CLUB and who writes for Documentary Magazine, Film Arts Magazine, GreenCine, and many other publications

. Cathleen is also the author of THE WRITER’S MENTOR: A GUIDE TO PUTTING PASSION ON PAGE, a book for – and beloved by – writers.

Jennifer Louden - our speaker on “Writing and Selling the Self-Help Book”

. Created the internationally known and bestselling Comfort Queen line of books, including THE WOMAN’S COMFORT BOOK, THE COUPLE’S COMFORT BOOK, THE PREGNANT WOMAN’S COMFORT BOOK, and COMFORT SECRETS FOR BUSY WOMEN

. Prolific author whose other books include THE LIFE ORGANIZER: A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO A MINDFUL YEAR and whose articles appear regularly in Body + Soul Magazine

. An in-demand speaker and a leading spokeswoman for women’s well-being, she has appeared on the Oprah Show, Later Today, MS-NBC, Fit TV, and more than a hundred local news shows in most major markets.

Bobette Buster - our speaker on “The Fundamentals of Screenwriting: Finding the Story in Your Script”

0. A world-renowned lecturer on “What’s the Big Idea? The Art and Craft of Feature Film Development,” a course which she created as an Adj. Professor at the University of Southern California’s Peter Stark Producing Program, while working as a Hollywood creative film executive with Tony Scott, Larry Gelbart and Ray Stark.

. An in-demand worldwide workshop leader and lecturer who for the past dozen years had been visiting faculty at the University of Milan, La Femis in Paris and the Media Business School in Rhonda, Spain, as well as the creator of the Origination Lab for Screen Training Ireland, guest lecturer at Pixar Studios, advisor at the Sundance Lab for Latin American Writers and speaker and advisor to film programs in Mexico, Cuba, Germany, The Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Norway and Japan.

. During each of the past ten years, one of the Top Ten Box Office films has been from a student of Bobette’s. Her students are now major Industry players, writers/directors, executives and producers and have been nominated for or won the top awards in Europe and Hollywood, including the Emmys and Oscars.

Janet Rosen - our speaker on “Literary Agent Basics”

. Janet is a senior agent at the prestigious Sheree Bykofsky Associates Literary Agency, where she represents a wide range of nonfiction.

. Former president of the NYC chapter of the Women’s National Book Association, former associate book editor at Glamour Magazine, and – hold on to your hats – stand-up comedienne, appearing at some of NYC’s better and seedier clubs.

. Specializes in the areas of business, health and fitness, humor, narrative nonfiction, pop culture, psychology, religion and spirituality, self-help, dating and relationships, and current affairs.

Roccie Hill - our speaker on “The Odyssey of the First Novel”

. Roccie has worked as the executive director of several non-profits, among them Earthshare of California, The Housing Trust of Santa Clara, and The Leakey Foundation. She is currently the executive director of Guide Dogs of the Desert.

. Her first published novel, THREE MINUTES ON LOVE, ran the gauntlet of over 100 rejections before finding its home at The Permanent Press and its publication October, 2008.

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