Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Heads Up!

Intermission, which was the parent ministry that spawned Act One back in 1999, has just launched a cool new web site. You have to go to the site and watch the opening video program. It is funny and yet really nails the whole "Hollywood as a Missionfield" thing that we here all get and almost none of you outside of this Thirty Mile Zone do. If you did, you would be sending lots of money and missionaries here to help.

Intermission was founded when most of us Christians in the business were deep in the closet, and the purpose of the group was mainly to encourage the faithful who were like the disciples locked in the upper room for fear. Coming out of the heart and mind of the wonderful and sorely missed, David Schall, Intermission was responsible for launching the smartest and most effective programs: Actors Co-op, Act One, Hollywood Prayer Network, the Quarterly Ministry Leaders Lunches, and Hollywood Connect.

David understood that the ministries needed to effectively equip the Christian Body, so that it could in turn effectively be a witness in Hollywood. So, all of David's initiatives had a formational and educational aspect to them - Act One most notably, but even the Actors Co-op has an ongoing program meant to deepen and render more professional the company members.

Anyway, Intermission has been reassessing its mandate now that the Church is completely out of the closet here. What is the next thing that the Body of believers needs to equip us at this and subsequent levels? I am excited to follow their progression.

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