Thursday, July 17, 2008


When was the last time you went to the movies? How much did you spend and did you think it was worth it? Did the movie connect you deeper to God, yourself, or others? Sometimes movies and television leads us to a connection, but what if it happened more? What if you could make a small gesture to ensure that better movies and television will be there in the future?

Act One needs your help. We are looking to find two hundred people who care about the impact of the global entertainment media, and who are willing to give twenty dollars a month, the price of a movie and a Coke. Joining your small sacrifices to that of 199 other folks will go a long way to help Act One continue with its urgent mission by basically paying our rent and utilities every month. We just signed a new lease on our offices, and, I have to be honest, it was an act of faith. The rent has, of course, gone up, and I'm not quite sure how God is going to surprise us with corresponding new ways to pay it. So, here we are letting you know so maybe you can help.

For ten years, we have been here in the heart of Hollywood - ready to meet and mentor and train your kids when they feel called to work in movies, television, the Internet and the whole range of new media. We are here to counsel, exhort and encourage established professionals who are trying to do good work for the world. And we are constantly trying to hold the line in the Church that we Christians should aspire to the highest standards of beauty and professionalism in the media and stories we create. We have taken a lot of hits for being so persnickety about Christians needing to have better standards in the arts and media- but it is the bond that unites all of us at Act One and in many ways, our reason to be as an organization. If you think that nagging voice is important - calling the Church to excellence and creativity and integrity and holiness in Hollywood - we could really use a tangible "vote" of support.

We need your help! The young people who come to us are, by definition, beginners. They often can not afford even the small tuition that Act One charges. Every day, we get letters and messages from young Christians who want us to start programs for actors and directors and publicists, and high school students. But frankly, we are already stretched too thin. We need a new generation of donors to come on board with regular support, so that we can continue what we are doing now, and expand it ten-fold for the future.

If you think Act One's presence in Hollywood is important, I ask you to please consider making the commitment to show it in a tangible way. Please tell your friends and family about what we are doing, send them a link to our website, and invite them to consider becoming a monthly small donor as well. Just keep telling yourself and your friends: "What we see on television and in the movies is not going to get better by accident. Act One is a smart and effective way to put people in place in Hollywood who will guarantee long-term and permanent change in the entertainment industry."

And now it’s easier than ever to contribute your tax-deductible donation! Log on to and click on Donate Now to sign up for a one time donation or a monthly withdrawal, which can be set at any time of the month.

Just the cost of a movie and a Coke once a month. That is all we are asking from you Church out there. Won'’t you consider a monthly donation to Act One?

Thanks and God Bless,

Barbara R. Nicolosi
Chair, Board of Directors

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