Monday, July 21, 2008

Act One Hiring Again

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act one, inc.

2690 Beachwood Dr. Lower Floor
Hollywood, CA 90068
323-464-0815 office; 323-468-0315 fax


Background for this Position and Organizational Overview:

This position description has been created for the position of Executive Director, Act One, Inc. It serves as a framework for defining the duties and responsibilities, lines of authority, criteria, characteristics and related information about the position. There are many other aspects of the duties and responsibilities of a position, which are developed during the course of the employment relationship. Those post-hiring adjustments should be documented between the Board of Directors of Act One and the Executive Director (with appropriate approvals according to current policies) by revising this from time to time.

Classification and Accountability:

· Classification: This is a full time (minimum 40 hour) “exempt” position under the Act One Compensation and Classification program. The person in this position will be an employee “at will” as described in the Employee Handbook and will work out of office in Hollywood, CA.

· Accountability: This position, which is filled by the personnel committee of the Act One Board of Directors, reports to the Act One, Inc. Board of Directors. The position will be evaluated annually in January before the annual Board of Directors meeting which takes place in February.

General / Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

As the managing head and leader of the Act One team, the Executive Director will supervise the other members of the staff and community in support of the overriding mission and vision of Act One. The position requires an entrepreneurial leader who is eager to see Act One expand and grow in the quality and kind of services it renders, in its donor and supporter base, and in its reputation in the Christian community and in Hollywood.

Particular duties of this position include:

· Supervision of all Act One staff, volunteers, and advisory boards.

· Broad oversight of anything that carries the Act One name so that all the program’s efforts will be branded by our founding keynotes: artistry, professionalism, substance, and spirituality.

· Direction of all fundraising efforts, which includes supervising the Director of Advancement in identifying, recruiting and developing new donors and maintaining relationships with our existing donor base.

· Initiation of public relations and promotional opportunities for Act One, with a particular emphasis on mainstream media outlets.

· Ongoing development of the Act One programs’ curricula and services to support the goal of identifying, training, and mentoring candidates to become hirable for the entertainment industry.

· Initiation and direction of entrepreneurial opportunities to expand and promote Act One programs, to recruit students, faculty, and financial support.

· Oversight of the preparation of an annual budget every November for the coming year, and ongoing oversight of all program expenditures.

· Principal liaison to any other church groups, media ministry groups, universities, and industry organizations so as to advance Act One’s mission and effectiveness.

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary: Negotiable, based on experience. Competitive with comparable positions in the non-profit sector in Los Angeles.

Insurance: Medical and Dental Insurance benefits are provided as defined in the Employee Handbook. The benefits will begin after an initial three-month probationary period.

Vacation: There are three weeks of paid vacation annually for this position, including one week at Christmas, which become available after six months of employment.

Sick Leave: There are two weeks of annual paid sick leave for this position which become available after the three month probationary period.

Personal Days: The position carries the added benefit of one half day each week off for personal professional work on entertainment industry projects not affiliated with Act One. These personal development days cannot accrue as regular vacation days and will be considered waived by the employee if not taken on a weekly basis.

Skills, Experience, and Other Characteristics:

The ideal candidate for Executive Director of Act One will possess the following desirable qualities:

· Christian Commitment: It is imperative that this person is a committed Christian and can articulate a Statement of Faith and personal testimonial to that commitment. The candidate should be a person of prayer who is an active member of a Christian church. The candidate must ascribe to the norms of a Christian moral life, understanding that the witness of life is a constituent element of our service to the Act One community.

· Entrepreneurial Leadership and Administrative Abilities: The Executive Director is the principle mover and energetic force behind everything that happens at Act One. The position calls for a person with the creativity and courage to launch and support efforts that will be consistent with Act One’s mission and vision statement. Ours is a very positive, “can-do” environment with a special emphasis on service and stewardship of resources. Knowing how to motivate and martial staff and volunteers, and draw in an ever-expanding network of collaborators is a constituent element of this position.

· Professional Experience: The Executive Director should be well aware of the executive and creative climate in the entertainment industry, and should make every effort to deepen and solidify relationships with working professionals. This will ensure that the program truly serves the industry by providing training that meets the real needs of the marketplace. The Executive Director should also possess the qualities and experience necessary to develop curriculum, particularly that meets the diverse needs of students at all levels of achievement.

· Non-Profit Experience: This job requires a fluid and responsive relationship with the Board of Directors. Responding to and implementing Board priorities, and developing better communication with Board members and committees will be of key importance.

· Communications, Attitude, and Behavioral Skills: The Executive Director should have excellent communication skills, and be comfortable in public speaking, press interviews, and formal meetings. Because of the interdenominational nature of the program, the Executive Director should be a person who respects the goods present in different denominations so as to be comfortable speaking with media, faculty, students, and donors from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions.

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