Sunday, January 09, 2005


...on ABC'S Lost last week. I don't know if it was a repeat - I always count on catching up on the shows that survive the first half of the season during the second half re-runs.

I like the show. It's so refeshingly devoid of cops and lawyers...and while the hero is a doctor, he has no hospital to push gurneys around in, so he might as well be a stock-broker. (No there's an under utilized arena for a prime-time show. Wouldn't you think Wall Street could be either comic or dramatic?)

Anyway, Wednesday's episode featured a black female character reaching out to Charlie, the drug-addicted rock band guy. Charlie was sinking into paralysing self-loathing over a mistake he had made which led to another character's demise. So, after she goads him out of his isolation, Charlie starts to attach himself to her as a friendly presence. But she looks at him and shakes her head, "It isn't me you need." Next thing we know, she is talking to Charlie about God.

It was a very nice moment...only diminished by the fact that the female character was black. WHAT I MEAN IS, Black people are the only sympathetic Christians allowed to be on primetime. I think the pagans in the biz see Black Christianity as being some kind of a cute cultural thing, and so somehow not threatening? I know, it's racist, but have patience, we're working on Hollywood.


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