Wednesday, January 26, 2005


We have these lovely spanking new brochures for our upcoming Act One programs - both for Act One: Writing for Hollywood and for the studpendously ingenius and fabulous Act One: Executive Program which launches this summer.

Now, all we have to do, is get them in people's hands.

If any of you would be willing to put a stack or more out at your church, ministry, prayer group, bible study, bookstore, university, business or spaceship, I have it on absolute authority that God will bless you in many and surprising ways. Ahem.

And especially to you pastors out there...we have a short bulletin announcement that would be just perfect to fill in that extra hole in next week's bulletin!

If anyone can help us, please email

The rest of you, please pray that the rest of you will be moved to help us get the word out.

Thanks so much!


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