Thursday, April 01, 2004


In four weeks and five days, The Passion of the Christ had racked up domestic box-office total of $315,152,778. Just to put that in perspective, the elfen mega-hit Return of the King racked up $374,556,572 domestic in 14 weeks and 5 days.

If TPOTC has a huge week next week, as it seems like it will, it will surpass ROTK in half the time it took ROTK to rack up its once unbelievable numbers.

Just in case it wasn't in your local newspaper... TPOTC has racked up international box-office so far of $58.7 million. It opened number one this past weekend inthe UK, Argentina ("smashing record set by Titannic"), Venezuala ("outgunning previous industry high Matrix Reloaded"), South Africa, Norway, Finland and Hungary.

It continued as the number one picture in Mexico (now up to "a stellar $11 million"), Brazil, Australia and Poland.

Just lovin' the view from here...

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