Thursday, April 01, 2004


The continuing saga.... I have spent the last month seriously flirting with the idea of apostasizing from PC's and becoming a MAC-ford Wife. I actually got myself into an Apple dealer - although one in Santa Monica so no one from my neighborhood might see me going in, and then spent an hour or so trying to decide if I could be happy with a computer with a cover that looks like standard kitchen appliance. And then came the slow scary realization that if I went this way, I would be letting go foreer of the right click button. What is THAT about?

So, then I decided that I like the look of the Powerbook better, but I can't afford it. And if I did spring for the stupid thing, every time I powered it up I would feel guilty for buying a thiing that could feed a family in Mexico for six months. But I also know that if I bought the ibook, every lousy time I would power-up that piece of Tupperware, I would sit there hating it and wishing it was titanium covered instead.

And then the guy tells me that I will need to buy a whole $300 pack of Microsoft software for the MAC, "if you really can't let Word go." He sneered further, "Bill Gates doesn't give anything away, you know." The implication was I should spend the money somehow just to stick it to Gates. But I can't help feeling that he wins wither way.

So, I came home, and in a frenzy of penitent fear, I bid on a Dell on eBay and won. I felt a surge of relief. It was over.

But just now, I get a message from eBay that the seller is not legit or something, so they cancelled the transaction. Is this a sign from God? Am I being moved not so gently toward the MAC? Why don't I feel good about it?

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