Monday, April 19, 2004


I am traveling a lot in these days. Blogging will depend on a combination of how late I get to hotel rooms and whether my brain is still functioning at those times.

The summer Act One programs are coming along very well. We have booked just about all the faculty and are now busy about scheduling, hotels and airfare for them all. The classes have been chosen, and now, we spend several months working out payment schemes and scholarships for the incoming students. For some reason, an inordinate number of students need financial aid this year. We generally get donations earmarked for student scholarships, but also for some reason I don't know, we didn't get any this year. That means, every scholarship I bestow in my "I sound tough but I am really a big softie" sympathy means money in my budget that is vanishing. (If any of my Board members are reading this, I am kidding, of course, heh heh...cough...) Anyway, if anyone out there hasn't made their annual contribution to support the next generation of artists, Act One is a worthy place to tithe your hope for the future. Email for more info about how to help us help a needy student.

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