Friday, May 23, 2003


I am tromping back and forth across America again in these next two weeks, trolling for funds, students, promotional opportunities and basically kindred spirits to affirm and support what we are trying to do in Hollywood.

I'll be giving a talk in NYC on Monday, June 2 that will be open to the public if anybody out there wants to skip repeats of Alias or Smallville... The talk is being sponsored by a group called The Haven, which is a large Manhattan based prayer, ministry and networking group for creative/arts types in the Tri-Sate area. My talk will analyze the mistakes "the church" - we're speaking the broadest sense here - makes when it approaches the entertainment industry, and propose a more effective model of facilitating cultural renewal. Here's the info...

"BE NOT AFRAID!" A Strategy for Renewing Entertainment

Featuring screenwriter and Act One Founder, Barbara R. Nicolosi

Barbara will lay out a vision for Christians in entertainment and field questions/discussions points in helping artists, writers, business people, actors.

MONDAY JUNE 2nd, 7pm
The Williams Club
24 East 39th Street
(btwn. Madison and Park)

Event sponsored by Redeemer Presbyterian Church Market Place Ministries

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