Monday, May 12, 2003


Here is the transcript of an interview with Zena Dell Schroeder, the Associate Director of Act One, for Radio National of Australia. We get a lot of inquiries from Down Under and have been approached to do Act One-Sidney at some point. "Here I am, Mate. Send me."

Here's a good bite from the interview.

Q: If we’re talking in non-theological terms, about things like evil being punished, and virtue being rewarded, and sacrifice, the power of love, this kind of thing – isn’t that what a lot of big Hollywood films are already about?

Zena Schroeder: Sure, that’s true, except for in many of those films, what you have are [good values] being portrayed to an audience in a way that ends up violating them. So, for example, you might have a film that [has a good moral], but then it has a love scene in it, that frankly is violating to the audience. Or you have violence that – we’re not opposed to showing violence, but we have to show it in a different way, a way that doesn’t end up wounding the audience, or putting them in a worse spot. There are certain things we don’t need to see, that we can still allude to for the purpose of story. When we show sin, we don’t want it to be an occasion for sin for the audience....

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