Thursday, May 15, 2003

"DAUGHTER OF GOD, ON, ON, ON! I WILL HELP YOU, ON!" (God to Joan of Arc)

Great news! CBS has picked up the new show, Joan of Arcadia from recent Catholic convert Barbara Hall (Judging Amy). Barbara happens to be the sister of Karen "Disordered Affections" Hall who will be show-running Judging Amy this coming season. Joan of Arcadia will air on Friday nights at 8pm. Here is the logline from Mediaweek for the show:

A typical family facing typical situations is thrown off balance when the teenage daughter (Amber Tamblyn) starts having sudden, and unexpected, conversations with God.

I am reminded of Jesus' promise, "Those who serve me on earth, my Father will honor." Joan died alone and in disgrace, but her purity of heart keeps earning her heavenly honor. Now, CBS joins in the chorus of the centuries.

Please keep the progress of this show, the producers, cast and crew in your prayers. And tell everyone you know to watch the show!

"The story of Joan of Arc is the most extraordinary story of Christian times: The most dazzling and the most secret...It seems to me that, first and above all, Joan was sent as a marvelous adieu of the Lord God to medieval Christendom on the point of ending.

In spite of the vestiges of barbarism it still carried, this Christendom was the highest summit of Christian civilization in human history. Let one think of the admirable faith of the whole Christian common people of that time, and even of the great of that world. Let one think of the immense work of reason - in the highest spheres of thought, and under the light of faith - accomplished by this time; of the intellectual and moral heritage which we owe to it; of its mystics, of its saints, of the builders of its cathedrals, of the idea of honor, of human dignity, of the service of the poor, which, however betrayed it may have been in practice, was nevertheless bequeathed to us....

God loved this medieval Christendom, and rejoiced at all the goodness and holiness there was in it. In the moment when it was about to perish, He made to it, an altogether extraordinary gift in the person of Joan - not as recompense (to whom would it have been directed?) but as sign, sign of love and of gratitude.

It was as if Heaven had made a gift to the earth of an incomparable icon of blue and of gold, in a screen studded with flowers of paradise moistened by the Precious Blood and the tears of the most Blessed Virgin." (Jacques Maritain, On the Church of Christ)

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