Monday, April 14, 2008

Zeroing in on Minute 13?

Somebody just pointed out to me that in the last few hours, my blog counter passed three quarters of a million visitors! How cool is that?

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by and continue to check in, even as I am a very irregular blogger. Special quarter of a million thanks to Josh Goforth who designed the lovely and haunting template for this space. And thanks to all the fellow bloggers out there whose links have made us what we are today.

I thought in honor of the occasion to permanently add a couple promotional blurbs to the sidelines over there ---------------------->. If you would like the shot at COTM style fame and glory, please do feel free to pander extravagantly clever and pithy words of congratulations or awe about this blog in the comments.

Go out and celebrate! Go eat 750,000 jelly beans or something. (I don't like jelly beans, so I have a vested interest in seeing less of them on the planet...)

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