Thursday, March 12, 2009

Barb on Haunting Moments

Here is my talk about haunting moments in storytelling, from the Storytelling Conference that Act One hosted last October. Following my talk there is about thirty minutes of discussion with our panelists which included Dr. Peter Kreeft (Socrates and Jesus), Bill Marsilli (screenwriter Deja Vu), Karen Hall (writer Judging Amy), Christopher Riley (author, The Hollywood Standard) and Bobette Buster (studio story consultant), among others.

I listened to it yesterday and am humbly going to proclaim it a real blast to listen to. Very smart discussion...and, oh yeah, I wish it had gone on one more minute because I could have TOTALLY answered Kreeft's last question about the heart being more important than the mind. (The answer is that haunting moments appeal to both...)

Dr. Kreeft's talk and the discussion afterward is already online and can be heard here.

MEGA thanks to Clayton Emmer for making all this online stuff possible. You're my hero Clayton...wherever you are! We miss you...

We are gradually editing and transcribing all the talks from the two days for what will be an amazing and unique book. Stay tuned...

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