Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Good News from Act One Alumni

In the past several weeks, alumni of the Act One Writing Program have enjoyed a string of successes. This is the kind of thing we knew was going to start happening eventually, when we hit the "tipping point" of alumni. There seems to be good news every week lately. Here are some of the most recent things we've heard:

- In February, Fox Faith released The Ultimate Gift, starring Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), Drew Fuller, Ali Hillis, Bill Cobbs, James Garner, Lee Meriwether and Brian Dennehy, with a screenplay by Cheryl McKay (Writing Program 1999).

- In March, Melissa Dogero (WP 2002) and Jessica Rieder (WP 2001) signed as a writing team with CAA and Kimberly Wilson-Lauziere (WP 2005), who is currently in the 2007 NBC Writers on the Verge program, signed with the Brant Rose Agency. Melissa and Jessica were also finalists for the 2007 Warner Bros. Writers Workshop.

- Robin Knight (WP 2004) was signed by CAA.

- Bryan Belknap (WP 2002) inked a deal with Universal Pictures and Judge Reinhold to write a feature comedy and signed with the Brant Rose Agency.

- Chris Foley (WP 2000) has optioned his screenplay Stubborn Creek to Origin Entertainment. The screenplay relates the adventures of a young boy during the Civil War.

- On April 11, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Clare Sera (WP 1999) will co-write the family action-comedy Captain Abdul's Pirate School, based on the book by Colin McNaughton, with partner Karey Kirkpartrick (Chicken Run, Over the Hedge, Charlotte's Web) for Nickelodeon Movies.

- Last week, the trades announced that Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy) will star in the indie feature The Least of These for writer-director Nathan Scoggins (WP 2005). The film will begin a month-long shoot in June and is being produced by alumni James Duke (WP 2001) and Christina Lee (WP2003).

- Andy Griffith has agreed to star in writer-director Scott Teems' (WP 2001) indie feature I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down. The script, which was developed in Act One's advanced Act Two writing program, won the Emerging Narrative Screenplay Award at the 2006 IFP Market in New York.

- In addition to his extensive resume doing stuntwork, Ian Eyre (WP 1999) can currently be seen doing stunts in Spiderman 3 and have to look really close though!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! It's so encouraging to see these talented people move ahead. I'm praying that others also succeed and produce work that challenges and inspires, that gives light.