Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year...Now, Off to Australia!

Hi everybody! I wish you all every blessing in this coming year.

I have been mostly in hiding these last few months. Enjoying my family in CT, working on a screenplay assignment, consulting on several movie projects and playing way too many games of computer Scrabble. Also Railroad Tycoon. Basically I am transitioning off of eight years running Act One, and am looking forward to helping it continue to grow in my new role as Chairman of the Board.

I haven't been watching a lot of movies. I am way behind in being able to disdain with authority the movies that the industry is preparing to lavish with Golden Globes and Oscars. My only definitive picks so far would be for Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep to walk home with statues. And probably Todd Fields for Little Children. I did enjoy Rocky Balboa and found The Fountain an intriguing visual poem (which is a mess under a merely narrative lens the way poems usually are). I have been smugly watching The Nativity flounder, and even more smugly watching the crowds throng to and the critics rave about Apocalypto.

2007 looks to be a year of much - how does Job put it about Satan? - wnadering around the face of the earth. I leave for two weeks in Melbourne, Australia tonight (Jack Dwyer - if you live in Melbourne, we should have tea! Also, if Claire M. is reading this, send me an email!). I will be consulting on a very interesting movie project that will be of interest to people of faith. More I cannot say right now.

Other trips on the calendar so far include...

January 23 - speech at Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA

January 26 - a really kind of cool but not public speech in Washington, DC

February 27 - Legatus, Houma, LA

February 28 - Legatus, Mobile AL

March 1 - Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH

March 3 - University of Notre Dame, IN

March 14 - The University, Thousand Oaks, CA

March 21 - April 4 - The HOLY LAND, baby! My mother and family are horrified that I am going to Israel right now. But I figure, if you die on a pilgriamge to Jesus' places, you win!)

April 5 (date still TBD) - Catholic University of Milan, Italy

May 15 - Legatus, Fairfield, CT

May 16 - Legatus, LeHigh Valley, PA

May 17 - Legatus, Morris County, NJ

August 4 - Catholic Family Conference, Wichita, KS

September 5 - Legatus, Colorado Springs, CO

November 8 - Legatus, Ft. Worth, TX

I know I am missing a few more on that list. Oh well.

And did I mention that my New Year's Resolution is to cut down on traveling? Rats.

Anyway, if you have a group, college or parish in any of these places and would like to set up a speech, now is the time to get on the calendar. Just send me an email at

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