Thursday, January 25, 2007

Coming from a land Down Under....

I'm still a little brain-fogged from the long trip back from Australia last weekend.

I have so many things I am dying to blog about ( considering the competition, Apocalypto should have gotten an Oscar nom ...why we are going to see a lot more movies like The Fountain which is an exhausting prospect...the difference between Last King of Scotland and Hotel Rwanda... how the Oscars are grimly and trenchantly embracing their own future irrelevance... Why The Nativity will not undo The Passion effect in Hollywood... Origin Entertainment, the production entity at which I am a partner...The 13th Day - the movie on Fatima I worked on in Australia...What I saw in Australia living in Asiatown, working with Brits and Irishmen on a fiolm shot in Portugal...My movie The Work getting shot this fall with a cool director who it probably isn't up to me to name here... My thoughts on the script Myriam which I worked on as the co-writer for many months... the Jane Austen adaptation I am working on now and how smug I am about the cool and clever way it is structured - think chukkers not acts - but I say , nothing, nothing!...The thrilling prospect of starting work adapting A Severe Mercy for the screen - just acquired for me by Origin.... My upcoming pilgrimage to Israel, why, how and with whom...) but I have no time to blog!

I have to deliver a first draft of the Austen project mid-February. It's coming along well, but you're never done, regardless of how much time you have. I'm also still doing rewrite work on the Fatima movie remotely. And then there is that book proposal TJ worked so hard on last fall which is still waiting to get tweaked. And then there is the stage play adaptation of the Emily movie (recently picked up by a production company) which is about half done.

I have to be on EWTN on Feb. 23rd to talk about the Osacrs with Raymond, so I will have to see all the nominated films. And, if any of them get to me emotionally enough, you know I will certainly have something more to say about those.

So, stay tuned here for as much of the above as I can work in in the next few weeks. I'm not traveling for a whole month, so I have no excuse to not blog a bit (except, you know, House, and Lost and Heroes and Iron Chef...)

G'day for now!

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