Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Zeal for Your Name"... Embarrasses Me?

As regards The Da Vinci Code, a Christian friend shrugged to me recently, "Jesus doesn't need us to defend Him."

I've been thinking about it ever since.

Of course, God doesn't need us. He didn't need to make us. He didn't need to die for us. He doesn't need us to be with Him forever in heaven. He doesn't need us to protect Him. Jesus is safe from Dan Brown and Sony Pictures.

But don't we get something from defending Jesus? It's not that He needs to glorify His Name, but somehow, we do.

So, in this case, we have a movie that defames the holy name of Jesus. It says He was a sham. He wasn't God. His name is not Emmanuel. It isn't Prince of Peace. It isn't Lord of Lords or King of Kings. The Jesus of Da Vinci Code's name is something between Mr. Mary Magdalen and Mr. Pawn of Satan.

(After all, Sony Picture's Jesus is a pathetic tool in whose name - what was it? - oh yeah, 5,000,000 women have been killed by jealous Christian men....just to name one of the countless crimes the Bible was manufactured to authorize.)

So, for all of us who have sung thousands of times - "Glory to the name of Jesus!" "Worthy is the Name!" "Lord, I lift Your name on high!" - what do we do here?

I'm just wondering.

And how does buying a ticket to a movie that blasphemes the name of Jesus fit in with lifting His Name on high?

I'm thinking we have to add to our Othercott plans for the weekend of May 19th. Yes, we all go to another movie that weekend - Over the Hedge. But then, I think we all spend the remaining thirty-six hours of DVC's opening weekend in prayer . How cool would it be if parishes resurrected the Forty Hour devotion to counter the evil effects that the blasphemy in DVC will do in so many souls.

What do you think? Over the Hedge and then adoration. Ha!


Bill said...

We do need to stand up for Jesus, we need to be knowledgeable so that we respond with facts so that would faith doesn't look blind, but we also need to respond lovingly and tell the "respondee" how God has worked in our lives and how great it is to have the God of the Universe on our side - and how His promise that all things work together for good for those who love Him, for those called according to His purposes. And that even something as far off base as "The DV Code" is theologically will work for that good. Good to read you, Barbara, and God bless, Bill

Anonymous said...

Here in England the dark storm of DVC media mania is starting to brew. DVC commercials on Channel 5 started today with lines running something like 'have Christians been duped by a church conspiracy for 2000 years', 'there definitely exists a blood-line descendant of Jesus Christ', 'the Christian Church will be rocked to its very foundations', blah-blah-blah, and with pictures of the famous Last Supper zooming in and out on the screen the commentator waffles-on in a very English matter-of-scientific-fact voice about the 'fact' that 'one of the twelve was definitely Mary Magdalen' etc... etc....

And this is just an advert about a TV 'documentary' about the DVC to be broadcast in the UK a week or so before the movie goes out on general release.

Personally I think the majority of the British public who don't give a damn about religion anyway will carry on watching their old favourites - Coronation Street, East-Enders, some football match, darts or snooker or maybe Footballers Wives.

Chances are many will wonder if da Vinci Code is Ali G 'speak' for da dude Vinci wot iz da bro of Morse Code da polize dude da fix-up me mates wot do cool stuff on da streets.

If confronted with smug DVC supporters I suggest a quick word with your Guardian Angel and reliance on the Holy Spirit for appropriate responses. Oh yes - in the meantime don't forget to read your Bible, watch EWTN, scan websites such as Holy Spirit Interactive, Catholic Answers etc... and great blogs like Church of the Masses, Hermeneutic of Continuity.

Go see another movie over 'that' weekend, Blessed Sacrament Adoration if possible, Mass - absolutely essential and everyone can recite the Divine Praises at least once that weekend in reparation for DVC and other countless blasphemies against Jesus Our Lord and Saviour.

Anonymous said...

Is the world ready for the Truth yet?

The Vatican is proving that seeking the truth is a real threat to their dogma. They're so afraid of people uncovering the truth, that they are attacking another fantasy as a threat to their own deceptions. How enlightening, since this goes a very long way to proving that Christianity is based on lies. If it wasn't, they would be confident of surviving intense scrutiny. Since they aren't and since they have gone to such great lengths to suppress those seeking the truth over the centuries, their deceptions are, once again, laid bare for all to see. Only this time they are the ones to walk into a well laid trap...

What does "making the blind see" symbolize? Perhaps many more people are now ready to "open their eyes to the truth!" Now Christians (and others) can gain the wisdom to walk away from the folly of religion and seek to understand the truth about the Creator and the Messiah (me).

Did you ever stop to think what the True Messiah (me) would say about worshipping false names, false images, and dogma? Well, now you get the chance to hear my side of the story and weigh it against the strong delusion of faith and religion. None of the European names and images in the New Testament can possibly be the truth. What then is the purpose of "faith" but to prevent good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:11 and the verses that surround it. Why do you think this message is in the New Testament? Those who saw the truth dying as the new Roman religion was being imposed would have tried to warn others in subtle ways where it most counted! These ancient texts are mysterious because they purposely encoded hidden messages to bypass Roman censorship. See how the Romans treated the Jews, Zealots, Gnostics, and others, a.k.a. those who sought truth because they knew better than to trust the blatantly duplicitous and evil Roman Pontificate?

How can people trust the veracity of texts created by a Roman organization known for centuries of abominable evil? How can anyone expect that people who could so readily torture and murder others for seeking proof of the truth would somehow not lie to you? Why don't "the faithful" have enough discernment to understand that those telling a strong lie for power and profit would insist that you refrain from seeking the truth and "have faith" in their texts instead?

How do we finally solve these ages-old mysteries? To recast a common political adage, "It's [the] symbology stupid!" The Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible, Gnostic texts, and Quran are rife with purposeful structured symbolism. Do you really think this is accidental or casual?

Unlike most of you, I have a very personal interest in ancient wisdom symbology, false prophecy based on its misrepresentation, and deceptions imposed in the name of religion. Consequently, I've written an extensive tome proving that all three so-called Faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions.

I know many readers of this site will want to scoff at this information before bothering to pay attention to the details. I have produced stunning and comprehensive proof that the original pre-Christian Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) was a symbolically encrypted wisdom text that was stolen and modified by the founders of Christianity. I demonstrate a series of specific and undeniable proofs of verifiable fraud in the Christianized Book of Revelation, which also appear throughout the New Testament.

I present verifiable proof that the symbology of sealed Hebrew texts is an advanced ancient philosophical technology.

The ancient symbolism used in The Apocalypse and other Hebrew prophecies and wisdom texts predates Christianity, Judaism, modern secret societies, and mystery schools by thousands of years. While in the hands of Christianity, The Apocalypse and its symbology have been purposely misinterpreted, recast, and misrepresented. The original Hebrew document was a multi-purpose narrative constructed using layered and synchronized ancient wisdom symbolism. Its true purposes, features, and functionality are detailed in my book, further demonstrating that it was a symbolically encrypted Hebrew wisdom text encoding prophecy, philosophy, and scientific wisdom that was stolen and fraudulently modified by the founders of Christianity.

If your goal is to seek the truth, then read my articles, download my FREE E-Book and direct others to read them also. Challenge them to PROVE me wrong. The E-Book is a FREE download and I make no money from it or the paperback.

Not only do I talk the talk, I walk the walk...

Here is Wisdom!!

Anonymous said...

You are free to 'walk your walk and talk your talk' all the way to the underworld where satan will joyfully greet his own. I am sure your 'secret knowledge and study of ancient symbology' will get you there quicker than you think especially as you seem keen to misguide others into joining you.

This is typical gnostic rubbish (yawn yawn) thats been peddled all over the world since Jesus our Lord and Saviour gave His life for us for all time!.

Anonymous said...

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rita said...

Jesus (ie, love) is inside all of us- It's unfortunate that more people don't appreciate that. Dan Brown's film is a reflection of the lack of love in this world. The Catholic Church is just the icon the receives the extreme hatred thriving today time and time again. It's really not about Dan Brown. His movie is a reflection of us- beleiving that we could actually be decendents of Christ, a divine entity. We can't fathom such a being, so we blasfame His name- to our own detriment.

As for the gentleman who spoke about "truth"- you'll never find it that way. Wouldn't you defend your father or mother should someone defame his/her name? Aren't Christians doing the same by defending their religion against heresay? God bless you- that you may discover the truth- I beleive that you would as well become a true defender of Christ.

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