Thursday, May 11, 2006

Check. It. Out.


P.S. Tons of interest in the othercott coming from media all over the world. In the last week I have done interviews for The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Times, NPR, ABC World News Tonight, as well as newspapers in Chile, Spain, Australia and the Philippines.

Tomorrow, I will do an interview with AP radio, my usual spot with Relevant radio, and EWTN.

Monday, there will be interviws with CBS Evening News and NBC News.



P.P.S. To the dear Christian brothers and sisters who keep writing me to say that they are horrified that I am opposing "dialogue" (You know, after this has all past, it will be fine with me if I never have to hear that word again!) and evangelization...

For the record: I have never opposed dialoguing about Jesus with non-believers. I think we should be dialoguing all the time. I think we should talk to anyone who comes to us wanting to know the truth about our faith.

What I am opposing is Christians financially supporting blasphemy.

Got it?

However, I also think it is absurd to send our people into a dialogue for which they are completely unprepared. I suppose my attitude in this is greatly informed by the fact that I am a military historian's daughter. Do I think Christians should try and move out of their theological and historical ignorance? Absolutely. Do I think that most Christians will be sufficiently free from their theological and historical ignorance in time to watch DVC without harm, even after a whirl through a Sony Pictures sponsored promotional web site for the film? What do you think?

Other-cott May 19.


And sacrifice. ("Some demons are only cast out by prayer AND sacrifice."

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