Monday, January 26, 2004


"A well-written, entertaining show! A breakthrough... genuinely funny and amusingly complicated..." The New York Times

"The concept is groundbreaking..." US Weekly

Yeah? Yeah? Tell me more!

"Sophisticated...stylishly involving, amusing..." Entertainment Weekly

"Polished" Philadelphia Inquirer

"...going to change everything...always entertaining...not just evolutionary, it's revolutionary!

Wow, this sounds cool. I'm excited!.........Wait. Did you say ""?

"...a drama meant for everyone....ambitious and suberb...complex characters fleshed out in a series of ever-improving episodes..." San Francisco Chronicle

"Wonderfully written, suberbly acted..." Tribune Media

"Fine acting and sharp writing..." The Miami Herald

Hmmm...I like great writing and acting too...but why did you need to say that it is meant for 'everyone'?

"Strikes universal chords" Los Angeles Times

Well, that's kind of an odd way to praise something...

"Wickedly provocative drama..." The Washington Post

Wicked-ly? What is this tingling on the back of my neck? But really, would the Post recognize wickedness? Maybe it's nothing...

"A finely wrought drama tinged with humor" CNN

..."filled with smart dialogue and richly drawn characters." Hollywood Reporter

"Downright Addictive" Time out

Hey, time out. Did you just say Time Out? What the he--??

"Explodes old sterotypes. Powerful, wildly sexy" NY Magazine

What's going on here?!

"Likely to hook viewers, gay or straight with sleek sexy melodrama. The show is a lesbian combo platter of Melrose Place, Friends and Sex in the City." Detroit Free Press

"Lustrous new series... straddles
[emphasis theirs] the zeitgesit and offers something for nearly everyone." The Village Voice

"Sharp well-observed and very funny..." San Jose Mercury News

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"Hot!" People

"Stellar cast and interestingly flawed characters..." Times-Picayune

Sing it to me, honey.

"Let the Emmy hype begin!" US Weekly

If it looks like a bandwagon, and careens like a bandwagon, it's probably something about homosexuality.

We're talking, of course, about the new show The L-Word from Showtime. Airing on the Lord's Day at 10pm, the show has been promised to be just as graphic as Queer as Folk, and - as amazing as it might sound - even more mainstream, because, well, we all know how much straight guys like to watch lesbians. I know that because I learned it on Friends. Which is, you know, produced by gay guys.

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