Thursday, January 08, 2004


Steve Beard from, kindly alerted me to this bemused little piece about one junket weary journalist's encounter with God on the set of Joan of Arcadia.

Not a bad first day at the press tour. I witnessed the hijacking of a series of news conferences (see today’s All TV column for more on that), talked boots and saddles with cowboy movie veteran Keith Carradine, and got my pockets picked at Texas Hold ‘Em by some of the regulars of “World Poker Tour” at a Travel Channel event.

But for me, the highlight was when I saw God.

At the moment, God looked very much like an 8-year-old girl with glasses and pigtails — which makes sense if you realize that I was on the set of CBS’ “Joan of Arcadia.”

Check out the rest of Alan Sepinwall's story here. It's cute. I wish he had written more about his conversation with Barbara... He probably didn't understand enough of it.

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