Friday, June 20, 2003


Here's a piece about Act One's recent trip to Washington. A snip...

Members of Act One, which includes theologians as well the writers and producers of shows and movies such as Mission Impossible, Batman Forever, The Family Man, A Different World and The Addams Family, were hosted on Capitol Hill recently by Sen. Rick Santorum (search), R-Pa., and Rep. Mike McIntyre (search), D-N.C.

"There's plenty of negativism already in the entertainment industry, unfortunately — profanity, sexual acts, violence," McIntyre said. "Whenever we can promote an opportunity to promote the positive view on issues, on family, on society, then I say more power to those that will promote the positive."

In an e-mail to, Brownback said the entertainment industry has "fought hard" to discredit concerns about the effects media have on children, and he sounded a note of encouragement for the group's efforts.

"The work of Act One has the potential to change all of this ... for they are not only willing to listen to these concerns, but also to do something about them," said Brownback, who has held committee hearings on the effect of media on children. "Through their efforts, we may finally see some improvement in the products coming out of the entertainment field."

Overall, we're happy with it. Especailly the lovely and quotable blurb from Sen. Brownback.

Zena Dell Schroeder, our Associate Director is mortified that they have those pictures of her alongside the article...especially the one with her in the New Age looking shirt and the drugged out faraway look... Just for the record, though, we are NOT asking Congress for funding.

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