Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Thanks to everyone who made the Chicago and Washington events such a success these last two weeks. Special thanks to Chicago Alumn Maureen O'Grady for hosting our Windy City Reunion evening. During my adventures, I taped a show at Telecare, the TV station operated by the Archdiocese of Long Island. Thanks to Rose Ann Palmer and Fr. Tim Hartman for their hospitality. I'll try and let you all in the Tri-State area know when the show airs.

Thanks too to all the people who made the NYC event such a success. Jen Hall (you amaze me!) and the people at the Marketplace Ministries of Redeemer Presbyterian Church were wonderful. Jo and Chris Kladecek for dinner and unflagging affirmation and support. Special thanks to Jesus for torpedoing the Haven event that was supposed to happen that night, so that all the Haven people ended up coming to my talk. [Note from God: "Don't mess with Act One."] The talk was videotaped, and they tell me it will be put up on the web site of The Voice Behind.

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