Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Looking for Orthodox Catholic Theologians in L.A.

It's unbelievable really. Here I am living in a metropolitan area of around ten million people, and I am pulling my hair out trying to find guest speakers for our Hollywood RCIA program. Honestly, the Church in Los Angeles is in an incredibly sorry state. Where do you go in L.A. to find people who can reliably and authoritatively deliver the Church's theological line on any of a variety of topics without grumbling, dissenting, scoffing or just plain old distorting?

One of our students this year took RCIA at a prominent L.A. parish two years ago. He is taking RCIA over with us, because, as he expressed it last week, "I didn't learn anything the last time." Good grief.

Anyway, we need happy, brilliant (okay, we'll also take really smart) Catholics who will combine good presentation skills and strong theological content for our very smart group of eleven candidates. We do not want to go into the strange and wonderful world of ecclesial polarization with this program, but are rather looking tom communicate the deposit of faith according to the Mind of the Church. I don't believe in encouraging controversy where there is insufficient context.

So, if anybody out there knows anybody here in Southern California who might fit the bill, please do send me a heads-up at .

Gaudium et spes.

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