Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Administrative Note

I am suddenly seeing a strange uptick in infuriated and ad hominem attack style emails and comments (which have variously claimed that I'm stupid, unjust, jealous, pro-choice, clueless about movies, un-Catholic, and not even Christian, but also that the Bella "movement" is holy...okay then....)

Consequently, I have had to adjust my blog to moderate most comments. This will mean that there will be a delay in getting your comment up while I am out living my life and not sitting on my computer waiting.

Sorry, to everybody else.


Unknown said...

I have only met you once in Nashville, but I think you are a rather intelligent person, obvious person of faith and that your blog inspires me to create better things as a artist. Anyway, maybe I should have been commenting more.

Nathan said...

I think your perspective on this film is a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for putting it out there.