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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Ancient Abortion Clinic

Really the only reason for which I supported George W. Bush for President paid off this morning. The Supreme Court made a first giant leap towards restoring fundamental constitutional liberties, by allowing the States to outlaw the practice of pulling everything but the nostrils of a full term infant out of its mother's womb (can't have the nostrils out, because if the thing breathes then "Shazam!" it's a U.S. citizen!), puncturing its head with scissors, and sucking out its brain so that its skull can be collapsed in an abortion.

It is a sad proof of the current level of crazed narcissistic frenzy as the norm in our country, that it has taken nearly a decade of debate to make this happen. (But wait! We can't talk about this now! We need to talk about why a 23 year old Virgina Tech student lost such respect for human life that he gunned down 30 of his fellow students!?!)

Killing one's own children is the age old sign of a society that has moved from worshipping the good God to worshipping the devil. The above is an ancient ruin from the city of Megiddo in Israel, of an altar used to sacrifice the babies of the town to Baal. Ostensibly, the offerings were made for really good reasons like having a better harvest and beating the hell out of the neighboring city.

Here's the glorious future Megiddo earned for itself by killing its children.

Weird but true fact about Megiddo. The place is literally crawling with really ugly, long, black centipedes. For some reason, the birds which are everywhere in Galilee, can't seem to make a dent in the crawling worms that own the site of some of the most notoriously evil pagan Kingdoms to ever put up tents in the Land God would eventually clear out and make Holy.

Here they are crawling around various places in the excavated city.

Here's a shot of the valley in which the final battle of Armageddon is supposed to be fought. According to our Evangelical guides at the spot. (There isn't a lot of metaphoric reach going on in their thinking. More on that in a later post.) In the background is Mt. Tabor, the site of the Transfiguration. Just to the left, and outside the frame here is the city of Nazareth. Again, weirdly providential that the Son of Man grew up in a hill country overlooking Armageddon.