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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Act One is connected to a large group of Christians who work in entertainment and media in the UK. Their group is called Artisan, and they publish a small magazine in addition to hosting think-tanky and spirituality events. Towards building bridges and a better network between Christians in the media here and across the pond, they will be hosting a big prayer event in NYC in March.

I can't go because we will be having a Board meeting that day -- but I really wish I could! Lots of very cool folks will be there. If you know anybody in media and entertainment, in the tri-State area, give them a heads up about this event. Here's a press release. (Feel free to cut and paste it in your own site or mail list. Thanks!)

New York City - Saturday, March 5th, 2005

For People Involved inthe Media, Arts, Entrtainment and Fashion Industries

For seven years, hundreds of people involved in these industries have been meeting inLondon to worship God and pray together as professionals in these most vital and demanding fields. Now, in collaboration with many Arts and Media organizations and churches in New York and Los Angeles, Artisan will bring together hundreds of people from these industries to pray for one another, and for the transformation of the media, arts, entertainment and fashion industries to which we belong.

A team of 30 professionals from these industries in London will be coming over, including a band who will help animate the event. If you are an actor, director, writer, model, filmmaker, photographer, journalist, producer or work in any of the myriad levels of these industries, we invite you to come and be part of our prayer, fellowship and reflection.

Where: Glad Tidings Tabernacle
325 West 33rd St. (on 33rd bt. 8th and 9th Aves)

When: Saturday, March 5th
4:30pm - 7:30pm

For more info: www.artisaninitiatives.org

(The event is free of charge. A collection will be taken to help cover costs and support arts media ministries in NYC.)

Sponsored by: Artisan, The Haven, Paradox, International Arts Movement,MFC, Glad Tidings, the CCC, Redeemer Presbyterian, Morning STar International, TRIBE, 211, All Angels Church, St. Georges, and others.