Thursday, October 07, 2004

LISTENER LINK for October 4, 2004

[note from Barb: I am now going to be doing a spot every Friday morning at [good frickin' grief!] 8am CT. Here's the promo piece:]

New Weekly Feature Friday Mornings on Morning Air™

There's no business like show business! Morning Air™ now includes a weekly entertainment report every Friday morning by Barbara Nicolosi, a Hollywood screenwriter, film and television consultant and media maven. Tune in to
Morning Air™ on Friday mornings to get Barbara's take on what's new in TV, music and movies, and insight to help you and your family make appropriate entertainment choices that are both fun and faith-affirming.

As always, other weekly features on Morning Air™ include Dick Lyles with "Faith in the Workplace" on Mondays; "Time Management" with Dave Durand on Tuesdays; and "Rome to Home" with Christine Mugridge on Wednesdays.


For more information on Relevant Radio™ programming visit

Thank you for listening to Relevant Radio™. May God bless you as you continue to bridge the gap between faith and everyday life!


Therese Z said...

You were good! Energized and interesting.

Anonymous said...

keri noble