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Friday, October 01, 2004

(Got the above method of prayer from my fav spiritual writer, Caryll Houselander. She says, when you don't know what to ask for, don't even try. Just bring "whatever it is" into God's presence.)

It's 6:53am and I'm already up and running. Just did a half hour on Relevant Radio in our new weekly "Hollywood Update" spot, and now I'm out the door to the first annual National Media Prayer Breakfast, happening in about 90 minutes in Beverly Hills.

The point of the day is to lift up everyone who works in media, the arts and entertainment; to pray for conversion and overall fleshiness of hearts, and to offer up the work our of hands. Lots of cool people will be there today, praying from the heart of this industry, for the people of this industry, and the audience whom we serve.

Please join us from wherever you are today, in praying for artists, writers, directors, executives, actors, journalists, cinematographers - everybody above and below the line who labors in this vitally important arena.