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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The big news in Hollywood this week ISN'T the Republican convention. There's a little DVD release this week that is making everybody uncomfortable again. Basically because it looks to be shattering records, just like it did in theaters back in February.

The Passion of the Christ DVD started selling on Tuesday morning, and, by lunch, had sold 2.5 million copies. The figures will just keep going up, in the next few weeks. You can almost hear the studio marketing departments popping aspirin, "Why won't this movie just go away?!"

It's hard to measure the impact of Passion, but we do know that even before the DVD release, one third of American adults had already seen the film. That number will probably double now that the film is on DVD. Kind of an astounding number. A recent Barna poll found that one in ten people who saw the film said it had changed their religious beliefs. 18% of those viewing the film said it had positively impacted their life of faith, and another 16% said it had changed their religious practices.

As I said last June when I first saw the roughcut of the film, "The Passion is a miracle."