Tuesday, April 14, 2009

See Barb in Simi Valley

SONscreen Film Festival

Scheduled Guests & Events

Sat. April 17, 2009
2:30-4:00 pm

Reel Community: Rediscovering the church's role in a place like Hollywood hosted by Melody George

...What if community--real, raw, genuine community--was still one of God's primary ways of reaching the world? Join our panel of filmmakers and church leader as we discuss Reel Community and what a community of artists & believers can create together...

Panel member: Barbara Nicolosi, Founder, Board Chair, Act One: Training for Hollywood

Ms. Nicolosi is the founding Executive Director of the Act One, Inc, a non-profit training and formation program for Hollywood writers and executives. Now in its tenth year, Act One keynotes artistry, professionalism, ethics and Christian spirituality.

Panel member: Ryan Bell, Senior Pastor, Hollywood SDA Church

Ryan has been a pastor for over 15 years. But for the past three and a half years, he and his new congregation have been active in the Hollywood community working for solutions to social problems including homelessness, affordable housing and human trafficking through advocacy and faith-based community organizing.

Panel member: Rajeev Sigamoney,, Comedy Writer/Director
JESUS PEOPLE movie & web-series

As one half of Ewald/Sigamoney, Rajeev Sigamoney landed on the map with "The Room," which was shot one weekend in 2004 on the CBS Radford lot...SONscreen is proud to have screened previous Ewald/Sigamoney films in past like 'Happy Wednesday,'

Panel member: David Magidoff, Artistic Director, Monkey Butler Comedy Company

David is the Artistic Director for the Los Angeles-based Monkey Butler Comedy Company, which currently hosts five free workshops in improv and stand-up comedy every week. David's vast and privileged career on the stage includes performing at The Oval Theatre (London), The Majestic House Theater (New Zealand)... The National Comedy Theatre (San Diego).. and more.

DEADLINE in 4 days: Next Week April 14

April 14 - Last Day to purchase tickets online
April 14 - Last Day to get hotel discount
April 16 - SONscreen Festival Begins!


FREE Admission...Become a Volunteer!

We're calling for volunteers in the following areas:

Production Asst.
Camera person (we'll supply the camera)
Blogging for the festival
Hospitality (ticket taking, etc.)
and Registration...

Contact Volunteer Coordinator Mark Thomas at VOLUNTEER@sonscreen.com

See ya next week at SONscreen 2009!

Contact Information:

Stacia D. Wright, Festival Producer/Co-Founder
SONscreen Film Festival

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