Tuesday, February 03, 2009


If you are coming over here from the National Catholic Register link, please note that the trailer they have posted has NO CONNECTION to the movie Mary, Mother of the Christ that I co-wrote and which is in pre-production right now. That trailer was basically a devotional tribute to Mary made by some well-meaning person out there -- but it has nothing to do with our movie.

It is rather irresponsible for the folks over at the Register to have posted the trailer without ascertaining if it has any connection to the movie. It doesn't and because it is so unprofessional it isn't going to help us.

I get that the folks over at the Register have bigger things on their minds this week what with the verification of the corruption and perversion of their Founder, Marcial Maciel. But one would expect better sourcing from a national newspaper than just picking something up from YouTube.

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