Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"A Severe Mercy" Night in Philadelphia

On September 17th in Philadelphia, Origin Entertainment, will be hosting an informational evening about "Christians Investing in Culture" and also to introduce our recent feature project acquisition, A Severe Mercy.

We have created this night - which we plan to replicate in several cities around the country - to help inform potential investors about the process of mounting a feature film project, and to give them some good questions to ask the filmmakers who are looking to spend their money.

Some topics that we will cover include:

- What does Origin mean by "transformative entertainment" and how does it tend toward an overall goal of cultural renewal?

- How can some innocuous projects foster clout for Christian filmmakers, and why clout is a more strategic goal than a strategy geared to investment on a project-by-project basis.

- What is the Development Process and why is it so expensive? What are talent attachment fees, Guild minimums and how do you create a buzz? Why are stars worth the money they cost?

- How does a movie's budget get set? How does movie financing come together?

- What to look for in a production company team, BESIDES the fact that they believe in Jesus? Which parts of the team probably need to be believers, and which roles in the process can be considered doorways for evangelization?

- Why a coherent strategy for distribution needs to be a contingency of investment.

Then, Part II...

- Who is Origin Entertainment, and what is our thing among Hollywood production companies?

- Why are we so excited about A Severe Mercy and what makes us think it could be like A Chariots of Fire for this generation?

- How can people be part of bringing projects like A Severe Mercy to the screen?

The evening will take place at 7pm at the International Institute for Culture in Philadelphia. Representing Origin Entertainment will be our Founding partner and CEO, James Volk, our Corporate Consultant, Dick Lyles, PhD, and myself.

If you would like to find out how to attend this meeting or a future one in Chicago, Washington, Detroit, Boston or Los Angeles, please send an email to Jennifer@originentertainment.com.

Please do keep Origin, and A Severe Mercy in your prayers.

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