Monday, July 16, 2007

Wicked good!

Don't have time to do a full review here - but I wanted to add my belated "thumbs up" to the pile of accolades for the musical Wicked. I saw it yesterday at the Pantages Theater here in Los Angeles and found my self marveling because it actually has a story to go with all the wonderful spectacle of it. The story is good. And the charcters too. And while the music didn't strike me as great, it is good enough to add to the overall entertainment experience.

I'll try to write more about it soon. Do catch it if you can.


Phillip said...

Quite right. Wicked is one of the best stage shows out there at the moment. In my opinion, it has some of best music heard in recent Broadway history. But thats just me. It'll grow on you if you listen to it enough.

Joe said...

I rather liked it. Not loved it, mind you...but I liked it.

Don't tell Karen, but I thought it was a comedy.