Monday, October 09, 2006

Haven't Seen It - Just Passing the Word

Subject: Christmas at Maxwell's - PRESS RELEASE - Immediate Release.

Date: 10-09-06

Christmas at Maxwell's (, a PG-rated Award winning holiday film which enlightens family audiences with messages about faith, hope, and miracles of love is coming to movie theatres November 10, 2006. The movie starts Andrew May, Jack Hourigan and Helen Welch. Bill Lewis and Aloha Releasing are handling releasing. The movie utilizes Hi-Definition technology.

Christmas At Maxwell's was written, produced and directed by father-daughter team Bill and Tiffany Laufer whose goal is to offer entertainment centered on redeeming values. The movie story line centers around a fortysomething husband struggling to find answers surrounding his wife's illness and was inspired by a true story about human struggle, forgiveness, and the power of love. Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, the movie has been awarded the Dove Seal of Approval which has recently published a companion interview on their website ( Christmas at Maxwell's has earned rave critical and audience acceptance including an acolade from Bishop A. Edward Pevec, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, who calls it "a marvelous film!". Various organizations have teamed up with the movie and upcoming articles include a featurette in The Costco Connection. Cancer organizations have embraced the movie for its spirit of HOPE.

Press Release GOAL: It is our interest that you cover this story in your various publications and that you communicate this press release to the people who are responsible for "upcoming events for the Christmas season." yearly calendars, film, radio, and TV projects, Christmas projects etc.

Other Quotes:

"Very heartwarming and full of hope." Dennis Sadowski, Editor of Catholic Universe Bulletin

"A heartfelt film with admirable messages about God's forgiveness, the strength of family and being a good samaritan" - Harry Forbes - USCCB

"Extremely well done, a powerful story of a family's love" - David Kullberg - Christian Happenings

"Brings a message of life and hope." - Julie Washington, Cleveland PD

"This story about a miracle during the holiday makes it a season special" - Donna Rolfe - The Dove Foundation

"A beautiful new holiday film" - Stephen Simon - Spiritual Cinema Circle

Additional information on Christmas at Maxwell's is available at: & <>

Thank you! Publicity contact: Bill Laufer - 216-229-4444 /

Laufer Film ( , Christmas at Maxwell's

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