Friday, February 25, 2005


Here's a good piece on Critic who is a Christian, and friend to COTM, Jeffrey Overstreet. Jeffrey has a lot of grace and goodness about him - he impresses me always for being able to disagree without calling the other side "stupid." I am glad Jeff is on our side. (Even though I know the notion of "sides" is what gets Jeffrey all riled up.) There are a lot of good points in the piece - lots of springboard for discussion. For example this snip:

...The divide we have created between the sacred and secular is crap," he says. "To say there is that divide is to say God can't be there, he can only be here. God likes to work everywhere. It's not just Christians who are missing out, either."

agree with that, as long as we remember that the same can be said of Satan.

A good read. Check it out.


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